Diversity is racist in neo-liberal America

Here's a very odd news story about liberal outrage.  Honestly, it took me a minute to even understand what was so upsetting to liberals in this next piece but follow me here for a minute...

Shea Moisture is a hygiene company that typically caters to black folks.  Recently they put out an ad with white people in it - and it really offended people... Did I say "people"?  I meant "liberals [normal people don't care at all].

And now the black-founded hair product company, Shea Moisture, apologized on Monday after heavy criticism on social media for a video featuring two white women & one black lady.  

The recent video-ad [posted online] promoting the company's products includes two white women, along with one woman of color, talking about "hair hate" and how Shea is their go-to product.

So?  So what?  They had two white ladies with one black lady?  What's the big frickin' deal, right? 

Okay... let me walk you through this.  Do you know what "gentrifying" means?  Gentrifying is when you clean up a bad neighborhood.  The word has nothing to do with race.  But to liberals gentrifying is not about fixing something about.  It's about changing the ethnicity of something.

CBS-Houston [and the AP] even said in a recent article about this very news story that the Shea Moisture ad prompted "cries of gentrifying the line."  I know what you're thinking: they used the word incorrectly... But they don't agree.   Liberals don't see gentrification as a move from bad to good [or low-income to middle income].    To liberals, gentrification means turning something black into something white... And that's bad.  Very bad.  You see, Shea Moisture is a product for black people.  White people aren't supposed to use it.  And if the company tries to get white people to purchase their product, the black-liberals who previously supported the brand will abandon them.

Now many of you are probably saying to yourselves, "that sounds racist".  But it's not!  Because liberals can't be racist.  Only non-liberals can be racist.  You must not be a liberal - that's why you're so confused.

After the social media outrage was sparked [triggered] a spokesperson for Shea Moisture got on Twitter and said, "Wow - we really f-ed this one up! Please know that our intent was not, & would never be, to disrespect our community."

They "F-ed" up because they made a multi-ethnic advertisement?  You mean diversity is not okay in neo-liberal America?  Apparently not.  

The company posted a longer apology on its Facebook page, including: "You guys know that we have always stood for inclusion in beauty and have always fought for our community and given them credit for not just building our business but for shifting the beauty landscape."

"Inclusion" means no whites.  Wow - this outraged is truly libtarded.  In reality CBS-Houston [and the AP] misused a word in their report on this story. "Gentrifying" actually has nothing to do w/ race.  By suggesting that "gentrifying" is a racial term, they're basically saying blacks are poor & whites are not.  Or, to put it in different terms, blacks are victims and whites are victimizers.  This isn't just linguistically inaccurate - it also says a lot about the author of the piece, who must not think very highly of blacks.

But what do I know?  I'm just a white non-liberal.  


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