Hillary's Designer Abortion Apparel

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  

She was once the kingpin for an organized crime syndicated called the Clinton Foundation.  Together, with her sex predator husband, they extorted money from world leaders and sold influence all over the globe.   She was supposed to be the next in line to assume the throne in Washington DC.   But the day of the election came and went and the current era of the American oligarchy is not hers to own.

Now Hillary Clinton has a new job selling tee-shirts to raise money for baby-slaughtering.

Disgraced  Democratic presidential shill and former Secretary of Lies Hillary  Clinton is now slinging designer apparel to raise funds for the nation’s largest  abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

On Tuesday morning  Clinton used her Twitter to share a a photo of herself holding up a  black T-shirt with the words “Nasty Woman” written on it. 

Hillary and Planned Parenthood are literally cashing in on the work of someone else.

Some college aged feminist wrote a poem about used tampons and Ashley Judd made it famous.

Now Hillary and Planned Parenthood are exploiting her efforts for their own financial gain.

That's the way the Democrats will do ya!

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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