Stefano de Stefano: Houston energy lawyer encourages violence on planes

Unsure about who to support for Senator of Texas & you also want to violently attack flight attendants?  Stefano De Stefano is your guy!

A Houston energy lawyer wants to take Ted Cruz's seat in the Senate.

His name is Stefano de Stefano.  He blames Ted Cruz for the government shutdown from 2013.  Incidentally, the government shutdown of 2013 happened because the United States House of Representatives couldn't reach a consensus on the federal budget.  Ted Cruz is not a Congressional Representative, he's a Senator.  One would hope that a man running for Senate would understand how the federal budget is determined, but his previous statements seem to suggest de Stefano is unaware of the process.  

Anyway, besides having a name that sounds like he designs clothing for Derek Zoolander, he also has a horrible sense of humor [or a lust for blood - you decide].

This  is purely anecdotal, but for the record... Stefano de Stefano has publicly encouraged people to be violent on an airplane in order to get a better  seat.  Maybe he was kidding, maybe he was serious, but back in 2013 he posted this on Facebook while discussing air travel... 

    everone needs to mob the flight attendants and fight to the death over who gets to sit in the safest seats in the plane!

Mob the flight attendant?  And you wanna be a Senator?  Yikes.  And yes, he spelled "Everyone" wrong - sure it was probably a typo, but he's the one running for senator.  Do lawyers not proofread things?

A tip to anyone going into politics - purge your social media accounts of  all your old stupid posts.  Maybe you thought you were funny, but you  weren't.  And now you look insane.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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