What else happened while the NFL was taking a knee?

What went on while we were all trying to "understand"  why a bunch of pampered, easily-led, emotionally immature, and  historically ignorant football players were "protesting"?

1.  Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.  And I don't think that's an understatement.  The island has no  electricity, no food, no water, and the agricultural sector has been  dealt such a severe blow that they are likely to face a long slow road  to recovery.

2.  Roger Stone released his opening statement before he testifies in front of the House Committee on Intelligence.  He says that "treason is not in my bag of tricks."

3.  Another GOP attempt to undo Obamacare has died.  John McCain and Susan Collins pretty much stuck a fork in it.  Random  thought:  Have you noticed that somehow Trump gins up something  controversial around the time that Congress fails to get something  passed?  

4.  Tax cuts are coming!  This week, maybe.  But given this Congress's record, I don't hold out hope for passage.

5.  Speaking of McCain, he went on the Sunday shows and said his prognosis is "poor".   OPINION I'm sorry for his health troubles.  I lost a family member to a  brain tumor.  It is an awful way to go.  But, I think he can best serve  his nation by resigning and closing the circle to those closest to  him.  I know his children and grandchildren will cherish those memories.

6.   While the pampered, well-fed, easily-led, ignorant athletes were  exercising their rights to make a stand against Trump and injustice, I  just want to remind everyone that three black men under the age of 35  were gunned down in Chicago.  Additionally, 37 other people were  shot and wounded.  So far this year, Chicago has recorded 508  homicides.  And we still have 3 months to go.

7.  Our national debt is soaring above $20 Trillion.

8.  John Cornyn finally says he'll endorse Ted Cruz.

9.  There's a helluva Senate runoff happening in Alabama right now.  It seems that Judge Roy Moore has taken a page out of Trump's style of  campaigning (the tent revival), and is barnstorming through Alabama.   Luther Strange, who strangely has Trump's endorsement, is continuing to  paint Moore as a racist.  Alabamians are going to the polls today.

10. Showing that the elite class never learns--It seems that Jared Kushner had a private email address during the transition.  Seriously.


The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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