Rehabilitation of Harvey Weinstein


The Harvey Weinstein fallout is in full force.  Actress Rose McGowan, who apparently reached a settlement with the Big Dog Flogger a few years ago, has started to name names of others who might be complicit in Weinstein’s public knob polishing.  Ashley Judd interrupted her Nasty Woman screed long enough to acknowledge that Harvey tried to get her to spank his monkey. Meryl Streep, who some have called the Greatest Living Actress of Our Time, claims she didn’t know that Harvey had a habit of flounder pounding in front of others.  Dame Judy Dench, she of the infamous JD  ©    HW tattoo on her ass, claims she would never have imagined he would be capable of anything so despicable.  And there’s deafening silence from the Clintons who both received hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from Harvey (as well as millions to the Clinton Foundation), and from the Obamas who allowed their teenaged daughter to work for Harvey last year.

Let's be honest here--it's highly unlikely that a predator like Weinstein would prey on the successful, Streep and Dench, or the powerful, Malia Obama.  Nope, it seems he preyed on the weak and/or vulnerable. He really is deplorable.

Despite the silence from the Clintons and Obamas, and despite the defense from Donna Karan (did the women ask for it?), many in Hollywood are saying Harvey’s done. He’s over. He’ll never have lunch in that town again.

I say “Not so fast there, my friend.”. You see, Hollywood has a history of forgiving what you and I might consider unforgivable. And as long as someone can put butts in the seats or eyeballs on the screen, then they will get a second or third chance.

Don’t believe me? 

Exhibit A—Woody Allen.  Woody Allen was accused by his adopted daughter of molesting her when she was a child.  Her descriptions were detailed and graphic. Yet, Woody Allen still makes movies. A-list stars still clamor to work with him. Woody Allen is a genius at telling a story on film, and being cast in one of his movies can often help re-direct an actor’s career. Fun fact, Harvey Weinstein helped rehabilitate Woody Allen, particularly after he shocked the normal part of the world by marrying his step-daughter, Soon Yi Previn

Exhibit B—Roman Polanski.  The super talented Polish director had agreed to plead guilty to raping a 13 year old girl in 1977; however, he fled the country in order to avoid his jail sentence.  He continued to live La Vida Loco in Europe, making movies, winning an Academy Award for The Pianist in 2003, and being celebrated as a brilliant film director.  Polanski moved to France, a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

However, in 2009 Polanski was arrested on the outstanding statutory rape warrant in Zurich, Switzerland.  Hollywood rallied around their own!  Martin Scorsese started a petition drive to get Polanski released from jail; Meryl Streep lead the standing ovation at the Oscars for him; and Harvey Weinstein stepped in to help distribute his films.

So, yes, Harvey Weinstein can be rehabilitated, and can rise to power once again.

Here’s how I think it’s going to happen—Reality TV.  Weinstein’s already got a long TV resume, including such reality gems as Project Runway and that absolutely brilliant series, Myrtle Manor, a fantastic look at life in a Myrtle Beach, SC trailer park. 

I believe that Harvey Weinstein is going to use his gifts to show the world that sexual predators like him, Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski, among others can reform and grow.  But instead of focusing on the directors and producers of Hollywood, Weinstein is going to showcase other people who have been forced from public life over various crimes and peccadillos.  He’s also going to show how difficult it can be to create a “normal” dating life after being accused (and maybe convicted) of being a true sleazeball. 

We will call it Project Rehab.

So, follow along with guys like Bill Cosby as he attempts to sell his Pudding Pops at a meeting of the Date Rape Drug Survivors Network. Watch as Anthony Weiner applies for a job as a high school history teacher. And let’s not forget the weird and wonderful world of OJ! What challenges will he face as a 70 yr old ex-con trying to date blonde women after being in prison for 9 years.

Project Rehab—It’s a sure hit. Harvey still has the juice. And this time, he’ll have OJ.


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