Another Hollywood Rape: Remember Diff'rent Strokes?

Back in the 70s and 80s Diff'rent Strokes was one of the biggest  shows on TV.  Every child actor who appeared on that show was a walking,  talking, sad story.  After the show went off the air after 8-seasons  all of their lives fell apart.  

And at least one of them was a victim of child rape.  

Dana  Plato, the girl who played Kimberly, robbed a video store in the early  90s to get drug money. Singer Wayne Newton bailed her out for $13,000.   Later on she died of a drug overdose.  On a side note, she's also part  of the reason why we now have warning labels on video games, but that's a  story for another time.

Gary Coleman, the actor who played  Arnold, is also dead.  He had a long life of health and drug related  problems.  Lord only knows what disturbing things he witnessed as a tiny  star in Tinsel Town.  

The only kid on that show who's still  alive is Todd Bridges, and a few  years ago he spoke publicly about how  he was raped by his Hollywood publicist.

Considering what we now know, it's pretty likely that all of these kids were raped.


The really incredible thing about a cast member of Diff'rent strokes  being raped is that the producers once tackled that subject in an  episode of the show.

Do you remember The Bicycle Man? 

The Bicycle Man was an episode of Diff'rent Strokes that focused on how sexual predators prey on young children

.In  the episode the owner of a bicycle shop tries to rape Arnold and his  friend Dudley.  He drugs Dudley after getting him to strip half-nude for  a photo shoot.

That's when Arnold and his Dad come to rescue Dudley.

Did the writers of this episode know at least one of the cast members [or possibly all of the cast members] was raped?


Hollywood is filled with sexual predators who prey on the weakest and most vulnerable in their industry.

Considering  what we know about the West Coast elitists, why do we  listen to them when they shame us for loving America and defending the  Constitution?

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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