Hedge-Fund Billionaire Buys "Impeach Trump" World Series Ad

In the commercial break before the National Anthem was sung at last  night's game 5 of The World Series, hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer  decided it was time to release his full length ad demanding that  President Trump be impeached.

A lot of people were surprised that a billionaire purchased TV ad space to talk about impeaching the President.

Many people were left asking, "Who is Tom Steyer?"

I'll tell you.  Tom Steyer was the biggest political donor of 2016.  He's a raging liberal hedge fund manager from Wall St. Tom donated $87,616,803 in the last election, all to liberals and Democrats. 

Good lord, that's a lotta clams!

If  you think the Democrats are trying to stop corruption on Wall St,  you're not understanding reality. In fact, corruption on Wall St is  trying to control the Democrats [and doing a great job of it].  To put it bluntly, Tom Steyer is no Boy Scout.

In  2004, Steyer was criticized by UnFarallon, a group of student activists  at Yale who discovered that much of Yale's endowment was in Steyer's  fund. The protest soon spread to Stanford, which also had millions  invested with Farallon. The protest centered on Steyer's supposed  investing in companies with anti-labor and anti-environmental policies.

Ironically Steyer claims to be an environmentalist because he funds anti-oil & anti-coal activism in America.  However he makes a butt-load of money off foriegn energy [much like George  Soros]. Tom is actively lobbying to make America's economy weaker so he  can line his own pocketbook.

A July 2014 article in the New  York Times, headlined "Aims of Donor Are Shadowed by Past in Coal,"  detailed several examples of Farallon investing in coal overseas.  It was also learned that even after their divestment,  Farallon-funded coal projects in places like Indonesia and China would  continue. No shocker there, eh?  You can pollute the Earth, sure, but don't do it in America because that's not good for Tom's annual income.

In  October 2016, Politico reported that under Steyer's leadership,  Farallon Capital had invested tens of millions of dollars in private  prisons. He's also donated to a countless number of politicians who are  advocating for stricter punishments for criminals.  If you don't see why that's a problem, I encourage you to look harder.  

According  to SEC filings, Steyer was at the helm as the hedge fund purchased  nearly $90 million of Corrections Corporation of America stock (5.5% of  the company's outstanding shares).

I'm not saying Tom Steyer  is a hypocrite. I'm saying he's a Democrat. And Democrats are  hypocrites. Okay, maybe I am saying he's a hypocrite. A hypocrite who controls your life from his pocketbook. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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