Texas Cajun Restaurant Bathroom Sign Offends Liberals

Of course Leftists are upset about this news.

A Cajun  restaurant in Allen, Texas really had a hilarious idea to help customers  distinguish the difference between the men and women's bathrooms.  Now Dodie’s Place is being criticized for “transphobia” after a photo of the bathrooms appeared on Twitter.   The editor of Dallas Morning News posted photos of the restaurant’s bathroom doors on Twitter.

The doors feature photos of pre and post-op Caitlyn Jenner. The women's bathroom has a photo of Caitlyn on the cover of Vogue Magazine.  The men's bathroom displays a picture of Bruce Jenner winning the Olympic decathlon.

If you have a sense of humor you're probably giggling right now.

If you don't, you're probably a Democrat.

Obviously  Leftists are outraged at the restaurant, but that's not really news.  Leftists get outraged over anything, including the direction of their own shadow, the color of the sky and the temperature outside.  

Anyway,  none of this faux-outrage will matter in the long term because Allen, Texas is about an hour  outside of Dallas and it's a pretty safe bet nobody in that town is as big of a Leftist trash bag as the person who was offended enough to post the photo.  

The editor of Dallas Morning News, on the other hand, was triggered so heavily that that he may never eat Cajun food again.  But I'm sure the Cajun community of the Gulf Coast won't miss his patronage.

Dang, now I'm hungry for po'boys.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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