Suspicious Details in Texas Church Shooting

By now everyone on Earth has heard about the biggest mass-shooting in Texas history that left 26 dead.  An outspoken Athiest walked into a church and massacred dozens of women, men and children.  

Despite his Atheist beliefs, we've been told the church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas was just seeking revenge against his in-laws.  This attack was not ideologically inspired, according to authorities. 

Officials  say the attack may have stemmed from a “domestic situation” within the  Kelley family, rather than a racial or religious motivation.

Freeman  Martin, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said  Kelley had sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law before  the shooting. 

But Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said the family members were not in the church during Kelley's attack.“I heard that [the in-laws] attended church from time to time,” he said. “Not on a regular basis.”

So it was a "domestic situation," but his in-laws weren't in the church at the time of the attack?  Something about this explanation from authorities doesn't add up.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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