Michelle Obama thought America was a s***hole

People are still freaking out over Trump's alleged comments last week about foreign nations like Haiti and El Salvador.  According to various flies in the room, Trump referred to these third world nations as "s***holes".  He denies saying these words, while other people are saying it really happened.

Whether it happened or not, it reminds me of the time Michelle Obama insinuated the equivalent about the United States.  The year was 2008, President Obama had not yet been elected to office.  It was the DNC primaries.  That's  when First Lady Michelle Obama told an audience in Wisconsin that she  was proud for the first time in her adult life to be an American.  Michelle was 44 years old at the time.  That means for 44 years the future First Lady didn't think highly of America.  The opposite of pride is shame.  That means Michelle Obama was ashamed to be an American.  And what kind of country makes you feel shame? In short: a craphole.

Did Trump insult Haiti and El Salvador?   Maybe, maybe not.  We don't know - there's no documented proof that he actually used that word to describe these third world countries.  But, whether true or not, one thing is for sure: Trump is the President of the previous administration's disdain for America.  After eight long years of the United States being ran by a family who was ashamed of their country, America got a President who's opinions were the polar opposite.  The Obama's were never big fans of their home country.  They mocked law enforcement agents, criticized our foreign policy and went on an apology tour throughout Asia to tell the world that Americans were embarrassed by their past.  

Trump may not have been the President that this nation wanted, but after spending the better part of a decade spitting on our nation's proud history, he's certainly the President we deserve.  

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