My old man and the signature he left behind.

For most of his life my dad made his  living working in financial investments, but he was also an incredible  painter, specializing in abstracts and portraits.  He got pretty serious about art back in college, before he went to business school, and he  always returned to the pastime periodically throughout his life.  Dad  loved to paint.  

For a variety of reasons, he kept his art life and his  business separated by a wide margin.  He wouldn't even sign paintings  with his real name, choosing instead to mark each of his completed pieces with the word "Keyes". Apparently it was originally my grandma's  idea.  Since it was the 60s when Dad first got into painting, Grandma Delma worried that Dad would embarrass the family name by placing his  signature on a portrait of a naked lady. 

 As it turns out, Dad never spent too much time painting nude women (at least, not that I'm aware  of) but he did churn out a really impressive collection of abstracts and  portraits of notable people like President Grant and Willie Nelson.  Today some of his work has even been placed in galleries and a museum  around the Midwest.  

After Dad passed away my beautiful wife took the time to scan his artist-signature, Keyes,  and have it printed on a throw pillow [pictured below].  This is one of my favorite things.  I keep it on the couch in my living room.  It's one of the little details about my life that I look forward to seeing each day when I get home.  It's funny how something as seemingly negligible as a throw pillow can have so much deeper meaning than what we get from glaring at its outer surface. 

I guess the point of this story is, I miss my old man and I really lucked out when I found my wife.  Love your life, folks.  It's the best one you'll ever get.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Ken Webster Jr is a talk radio personality and producer from Houston, TX. He started his career in Chicago on the Mancow show and has since worked at dozens of radio stations all over the country. He’s currently the host of Pursuit of Happiness... Read more


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