No whites allowed at University of Texas-San Antonio

UTSA - The University of Texas at San Antonio students are producing a  magazine entitled “No Whites Allowed.” Student writer Kayla Ramey is  quoted justifying the work with the rationalization, “inclusion is not  inherently good, and exclusion is not inherently bad.” She is,  apparently, blissfully unaware that she has co-opted the false narrative  of yesteryear’s retarded proponents of Jim Crow and “Separate but  Equal” and her circular ratiocination only begets the bigotry she  decries (or seeks to monetize?). 

I  understand the legacy of intergenerational poverty and exclusion  created by systemic racism. But, equally, I am aware of the majority of  white Americans who also suffer from intergenerational poverty and  exclusion created by systemic classism.  Access  for one group has been the battle cry of the Left, the deafening  silence towards the other led the American electorate to anoint  President Donald Trump as their savior in chief. I do not know what the  solution is but I do know the fix is not the simpleton’s embrace of  holistic hatred. We engender nothing but bile and reciprocal  collectivist vomit when we tell any person: “you suck and I’m preventing  you from participating in an activity because of some immutable  characteristic that you were born into.” It is this insanity that drove  me to rail against the moralizing theocrats of the Right and be an  advocate for gay marriage two decades ago. America need to focus itself  on the Firmament of Freedom for All. Fuck the two centuries of lip  service. It is time to get to work on the aspirational goals of our  Founding Fathers even if they were not sincere in their rhetoric. And we  don’t get there by sliding back into the warm mucky embrace of  simplistic group-hate. 

We  all want to be free to pursue our happiness and let other Americans be  free to live their lives (well, all us non-sociopaths). And most of us,  the non-stupid, wish to live those lives in a culture of unity with our  fellow Americans. But much like the Left’s focus on the struggles of one  type of poverty while ignoring the plight of others, the Legacy Media  has decided to bright light and bullhorn one type of bigotry while  suppressing any type of discussion of bigotry directed at the ignored.  This only exacerbates the problem and reignites the racism of  yesteryear. 

Identity  politics on either end of the ideological spectrum is not about  solutions, it is about demonizing one group to exploit another group.  Let’s all agree to step off the carousel of collectivism. Let’s get to  the aspirational goal of only hating and excluding individuals for their  individual bullshit. Because those of us who have ideologically,  racially, educationally, and economically diverse friend groups have  far, far more interesting and fun lives then the dumbasses who cloister  themselves in towers of homogeneity. 

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