A Difficult Conversation With Hillary Clinton

I think it’s time we had a difficult conversation with Hillary Clinton.

No, I’m not talking about calling 63 million deplorables, or telling college-educated white women that they are held in thrall by the men in their lives, or even about what the hell she was doing during Benghazi. 

No, I’m talking about her apparent clumsiness, balance issues, and propensity for broken bones.

Hillary Clinton slipped down some steps in India the other day.  It’s all over YouTube where her left leg slips twice.  She had to be lifted up by two men.  She then kicked off her shoes, and made her way down the stone staircase, help up between the two security guys. Huma Abedin was right behind her, but I don’t know why she didn’t rush to her boss’s side.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it appears that Hillary also slipped in a marble bathtub and broke her wrist. It was first thought a sprain, but then, when it turned black and blue, and kept hurting, she got an X-Ray which revealed a hairline fracture. 

This isn’t the first broken bone Hillary’s had in the last six months.  Last October, while in London, she broke her big toe.  She claims she was running down the stairs with a cup of coffee in her hand when her heel caught on the carpet and she fell, breaking her toe.  Frankly, there’s A LOT wrong with that story.  First, the last time she ran from anything was when she dodged sniper fire in Bosnia.  Second, she said she was carrying a cup of coffee.  Nope.  Don’t buy that.  She has people to carry things for her.

Finally, she says she fell down the stairs.  Not sure how she broke her toe doing that.  The last time I caught my heel and fell, I managed to hurt my wrist because I tried to catch myself. 

Regardless of her story, Hillary Clinton broke her toe in London last fall.

She also fell at the 9/11 memorial.  Remember her being thrown in the van like a slab of meat.  Or losing her shoe in the street?  And she slipped going up or down the stairs at several campaign events in 2016. 

She fell going uphe stairs into her plane while Secretary of State.  She broke her elbow at least once when she did that, as well.

She clearly has a problem with stairs.

She also seems to have a problem with bathrooms.

She famously slipped and fell in her bathroom in December of 2012.  That was such a bad fall, she had a concussion and a blood clot!

We need to have that tough conversation and take away her stairs and her bathrooms.  She simply cannot handle them unattended anymore.  And while we’re at it, let’s get her examined by a different physician.  A claim could be made that she’s not getting competent medical care.

Normally healthy people do not fall down as much as she does.  Most elderly women (or at least those without thinning bones) don’t suffer fractures at the rate she does.

Why does she have such bad balance issues?  Dehydration? Pneumonia? Or something worse like vertigo or a neurological disorder?  Has she lost feeling in her feet, and that’s why she has to kick off her shoes to walk downstairs?  What about her vision?  Can she not see where she’s walking?

I’m not be sarcastic or trying to be funny.  Hillary seems to have some health problems that go beyond what was described by her physician in 2016.  So, Democrats, have that tough conversation with Grandma.  She needs help. A lot of help.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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