The Monster We Pretended Not To See

On February 14th, 2018 a psychopathic murderer (whose name I will not repeat, because that's exactly what he wants) walked into a high school in Parkland Florida and murder 17 people (many of them children)

For the past month you couldn't turn on the TV without hearing news of the Parkland massacre. The news outlets have been all over this, with cable TV talking head spin-masters giving it around the clock coverage. 

Unlike the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas last year, we now have a lot of answers about what occurred on that horrific day.

While Democrats might be quick to blame the NRA while calling for new gun control measures and accusing the Founding Fathers of being terrorists, it should be noted that this massacre was as preventable as it was predictable. To put it bluntly, authority figures really dropped the ball on this teenage murderer. 

Let's walk through some of the warning signs that were blatantly ignored by authority figures.

The latest revelation on the Parkland murderer comes from a state psychiatrist who recommended the suspect be forcibly committed to a mental institution in 2016. Of course, putting someone in a psychiatric institution is a complicated process, but its notable that someone in a professional position saw the warning signs of this murderer two years ago and tried to do something. But apparently the State of Florida didn't agree (or at least, not enough to do something preventive). 

The suspect was also previously reported to the FBI for calling himself a "school shooter". That kind of title should be enough to warrant a massive investigation. What did the FBI do with that information? Nothing, sadly, and the results were devastating.

Local police also had a handful of brushes with the alleged murder suspect. Did I say a handful? The Broward County Sheriff's office was called to investigate the suspect 44-times.


Again, law enforcement did nothing.This cycle of behavior goes on and on. When the suspect was reported for self mutilation, authorities did nothing. When the suspect was reported for writing "kill" over and over in his school textbooks, again, authorities did nothing. He even told classmates he wanted to bring a gun to school.

Its not that authority figures were completely ignoring this guy; in fact, counselors went to his home multiple times and reported that he was moody, angry, impulsive, and threatening others with violence. Again, nobody did anything about this news short of filling out a report and moving on to the next guy. 

The suspect was also reported for having a fascination with firearms and making disturbing posts on social media. He was banned from carrying book-bags to school for fear he might have a weapon inside. He was blocked from joining JROTC because of his dangerous history. He was even reported for “punching holes in the wall" and being "verbally aggressive” to his own mother.

Local law enforcement agents were once asked to search his home for a gun that he was allegedly planning to use to hurt someone. But no search was ever conducted. 

While it might seem easy to blame the NRA, gun laws or the 2nd Amendment, it should be noted that we had dozens and dozens of warning signs about this guy. Law enforcement, counselors, school officials and even the FBI were warned about Cruz. But no one did anything. Considering how badly society's watchdogs dropped the ball on handling this monster, does it really make sense to blame the NRA? Or law abiding citizens? Or gun manufacturers? Or the Founding Fathers? The answer should be pretty obvious. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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