There's a new thing that parents are doing with their kids called a "Let Grow" ID Card.

I know what you're thinking... What's a Let Grow ID Card?  And aren't ID Cards racist (that's what liberals say)? 

Basically its a card that kids can carry around if they are free-range children.

Free range children... ya know... Kids who go outside and ride bikes and stuff.

This use to be a pretty common thing, but these days children aren't allowed to leave their backyards.

he world isn't anymore unsafe now than it was back in the last century when we were kids, but.....

The media has scared parents into thinking the world is a horrible place.

The ID card basically says, "Hi, I'm not lost, my parents just me play outside".  

Here's the signup page for "Let Grow" ID cards..https://letgrow.org/letgrowlicense/

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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