Leftists blame NRA for YouTube Shooting

By now you've probably heard news about the shooting at YouTube's headquarters yesterday in California that injured four people.  Like a lot of shooting incidents, several media personalities tried to inject their own opinion into this news story before the facts were all made clear.  

People were floating every theory in the  political nut-job conspiracy theory book yesterday - was the shooter a right wing  extremist?  A Muslim?  A member of Antifa?  

Now that the dust has settled, we have a better understanding of what happened.  

The YouTube shooter was a 39-yr-old Iranian woman named Najafi Aghdam.

According  to reports, Aghdam was a militant animal rights activist.  She practiced veganism and kept a bumper sticker on her car that read "meat  is murder".

She was an outspoken critic of YouTube.  She claimed to hate the website for their capitalist agenda.

She was nutty, even by Leftist standards.  According to reports, she sometimes quoted Hitler in her videos. 

Authorities had some understanding of her existence and the threat she might impose before this incident occurred.  Her father reached out to authorities and warned them. 

Now that this incident has ended, what are the odds the NRA will be blamed for this incident? 

 If you guess "immediately", you'd be right.  A quick search of Twitter reveals hundreds of people blaming the NRA for what happened at YouTube yesterday.

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