Government Officials Behaving Badly: Gun Control Advocate Breaks Gun Law

In today’s episode of “Government Officials Behaving Badly”, we look at the case of Reagan Stevens, an aide to New York City Mayor, Bill diBlasio, who keeps her gun in a green velvet bag.  We also explore what happened to a certain Colorado legislator whose creepy behavior cost him bathroom privileges.

Over the weekend, Reagan Stevens, 42 was arrested by New York City police.  Normally, this wouldn’t even cause a blip on the radar because the NYPD arrest people all the time.  Except Reagan Stevens is an aide to mayor Bill diBlasio—a man who’s never met a liberal cause he didn’t fully embrace. Ms. Stevens works for the mayor as the deputy director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice.  Her job is to develop programs to fully implement a state law that will raise the age at which kids can be prosecuted as adults for nonviolent crimes from 16 to 18

Well, Saturday night, this daughter of a Queens Criminal Court Judge and a Queens Supreme Court Justice certainly set a terrible example for the teenagers she works to keep out of jail.

NYPD cops noticed there was an SUV double parked in front of a club in Jamaica, Queens (where SheJack hails from), and this aroused their curiosity.  Anyone knows that in a city like New York, one of the worst non-criminal things you can do is double park.  So, the police approached the vehicle and noticed there was a strong odor of marijuana wafting through the open windows. 

Uh oh.  Weed isn’t legal in NYC. 

And, it certainly isn’t legal to be double parked, smoking weed, and having an unregistered handgun in the car.

Yes, in addition to the double parking and smoking, Ms. Stevens was caught with a loaded 9 mm handgun in a green velvet bag. To make matters worse, no one in the car had a carry permit, there was a spent round of ammunition on the driver’s side, and the gun had the serial number scratched off.

Ms. Stevens was not the driver of the vehicle, 25 yr old Caesar Forbes was.  He was found to be carrying a gravity knife in his waistband.  The guy on the passenger side, 24 yr old Montel Hughes, was charged with marijuana possession after cops found five Ziploc baggies full of the sticky icky in his pants.  He also had a gravity knife.

Stevens, Hughes and Forbes were each charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Forbes and Hughes were charged with criminal possession of a weapon related to the gravity knives and Forbes was ticketed for double parking.

Stevens was suspended without pay.  She’s such a fine example for our young people to follow.  And I really want to know, what was a 42 yr old woman doing driving around with men young enough to be her son?  Market research, perhaps?

Now for our second story.  Remember all the hulabaloo in Houston over letting people use the bathroom of their choice? Remember how one side said that women wouldn’t mind when men started coming into their sanctum sanctorum?  Yeah, well, it’s not working out well for a State Senator in Colorado.

Colorado State Senator, Daniel Kagan, has lost his bathroom privileges.

Senator Kagan is not a man who identifies as a woman, but a Democrat lawmaker who's seen frequenting the ladies room.  And the ladies of the Senate are not happy. He’s denying the allegations of his frequent use, saying he’s only been in there once.

However, a recording between the state senate secretary and the Colorado State Patrol, obtained through a records request by the conservative nonprofit Compass Colorado, revealed Sen. Daniel Kagan's visits made his female colleagues uncomfortable.

Last month, Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik filed a workplace sexual harassment complaint against Kagan for using the women's bathroom "multiple times."

"I confronted him in the bathroom itself and said, ‘What are you doing in here?'" Martinez Humenik told KUNC, a public radio station. "Then, as we were walking out, I said, ‘It's not OK for you to be here. I don't want to see you here again.'"

Senator Martinez-Humenik also says two other female staffers had similar experiences, and Senator Tom Owens says he's seen Kagan go in and out of the ladies' restroom as well.  In fact, Senator Owens says he will no longer allow his daughters to use that restroom when they come to visit his office.

Kagan denied using the ladies' restroom more than once and said it was "beneath the dignity" of the state senate for trying to "make something of nothing."

"I accidentally used the wrong one," Kagan said. "It was embarrassing, and it's the kind of embarrassing mistake you don't make twice."

Except, that's not what the tape revealed.

"So here's the problem I'm having and you can maybe help me figure out the best way to do this," Effie Ameen, the nonpartisan state senate secretary told Heather White, the communication supervisor for the Colorado State Patrol in February.

"And, again, I don't, I don't know if this will prevent anything," Ameen said. "But, we have a person who works here, a male, that has been frequently accessing the bathroom."

"And so … yeah, it's so awkward," she said.

Ameen asks White if they can change the code to the women's bathroom to prevent Kagan from using the bathroom again.

"And so that's why I wanted to change the code, because I know the code we have on there is sort of our generic one that we use like for everything so it's not shocking that people would know it."

"So what's his name?" White asks.

"It's one of my senators," Ameen said. "It's Senator … Senator Kagan."

Reached by email Ameen said she could not confirm or deny the comments because she had not listened to the recording. When asked if she would listen to the recording to confirm or deny, Ameen stopped responding. Ameen and White identify themselves at the beginning of the call.

Now, the Senator has had his card key access changed so he cannot access the ladies' room.  Imagine that, having to use a card key to go pee.

Senator Kagan is the ONLY senator who has lost bathroom privileges.

The bathroom scandal came to light after he gave a rather controversial speech on sexual assault last month.  He got kind of graphic.  No, he got very graphic. 

From Washington Free Beacon:

"Members, we as a body must ensure that the senate provides safety to all who seek to transact business here, and as the rule makes clear, have the right to raise questions about the dignity and integrity of our proceedings," Kagan said. "Acts of sexual harassment by any of our members, if proven by diligent investigation to have, more likely than not, occurred are extraordinarily serious matters."

Kagan went on to describe sexual assault in detail on the capitol floor, offending many members.

"Any butt slaps or nips to the bottom are permissible if they're a power play," Kagan said. "Just so long as the butt slapper can't be proved beyond a reasonable doubt to have gotten sexual thrills from it. That cannot be our standard."

Kagan explained to members that felony sexual assault is "knowingly and willingly, without consent, sexually penetrate someone."

"That's vaginal, oral, or anal sex," he said, "for sexual gratification or abuse. Or they can commit sexual assault by knowingly engaging in sexual intrusion, rather than penetration, without consent for sexual gratification or abuse."

"Sexual intrusion, Members, involves inserting an object or a finger, or some part of the body other than a tongue or a penis, into a person's genital or anal opening," Kagan continued. "Is that the level of behavior we have to drop to before the senate will get involved? Of course it should not be."

Some members of the Colorado state senate expressed surprise at Kagan's speech, given his preference for the ladies' room.

Hmm. Getting up to give a speech that was graphic in nature, making female senators and the girl children of other senators uncomfortable with his intrusion into the ladies room, and continuing to deny what he’s doin.  I think these actions can fall into the category of extremely creepy behavior. 

Unless Kagan was afraid he'd get a slap on the butt when he used the men's room.

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