Bus Driver Allegedly Sent Text Messages, Looked Up Jokes While Driving Kids

A school bus driver is facing multiple charges after police accused her of texting while driving and looking up "your mama" jokes on her phone while she was driving a bus full of students. Police also said that 39-year-old Brenda Cartsen allowed children to roam freely around the moving bus and shared inappropriate information about her personal life with students during a profanity-laced "life-lesson."

An investigation was launched after a parent complained that the driver was distracted during her route on February 6, 2018. Lorenz Bus Co. immediately contacted Minnesota State Patrol and started reviewing tapes from the security cameras on the bus. 

The video footage showed Cartsen was not wearing a seatbelt and driving erratically. At one point the "bus is seen traveling over the painted lines while Carsten can be seen texting, sometimes with both hands."

She had no control over the students who were seen laying across seats and moving freely around the moving bus. Cartsen called one student to the front of the bus and had them read "your mama" jokes she had looked up using her cell phone. She was recorded giving students an “an inappropriate life lesson” that was laced with profanity. 

The bus company fired Cartsen following the investigation. She is currently facing 15 separate charges including reckless driving, child endangerment charges, and multiple traffic offenses.

Photo: Getty Images

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