Arab world: stop blaming the Jews for your problems.

Right now the people of Palestine are protesting. Did I say protesting? I meant engaging in riots and terrorism. Seriously, I have no idea why major news outlets are referring to this behavior as a "protest". Protests are a peaceful demonstration of nonviolent resistance.  This demonstration is anything but non-violent. Protesters hold picket signs, these people are carrying explosives and weapons. Protesters have a end goal, these people just want to watch the world burn. People, both innocent and non-so-innocent, are being seriously hurt as a result of these demonstrations and several have actually died in the streets over the past 24 hours while "protesting" the Jew's right to exist. The Arabs don't want an amicable resolution; they just want the Jews to die.

Palestinians claim they're mad because America is moving its embassy but they're also mad because Israel has existed for 70 years. Heck, they're mad because Jews breath the same air and drink the same water as Arabs. There's no pleasing them.  And that's really what this is about - anti-Semitism. Don't let the cable TV talking heads confuse you with talking points because, the more you breakdown the arguments of the Palestinian sympathizers, the more it all goes back to the same old hateful conclusion - they don't want the Jews to procreate or live in peace. The Jews took their holy land, according to Gaza residents. The Jews are the devil, according to the Arab world. The Zionists are the cause of all of the Arab world's problems, or so they'd have you believe. The Palestinians raise their children to hate Israel and the Jews. It's part of their basic educational curriculum. This hatred is in their blood.

Yes, the police in Israel really have their hands full today as the US moves their Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but that's just the explosive straw that blew up the camel's back. Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem are literally throwing Molotov Cocktails and lighting fires because they're so upset. If they can't have Jerusalem, no one can. These people are so prone to violence, it only take a small amount of tension to set them off. Today they claim they're are especially angry because it isn't just the day America moves their Embassy, it's also the 70th anniversary of "Nakba", or "the catastrophe", as the Arabs call it. That's the colorful word anti-Semites have for the creation of Israel. Pretty twisted, huh?

So let's not forget why the Arabs are upset today: because Jews exist. Simply put, they don't want America to be diplomatic with the Jews. They don't want the Israel economy to flourish. They don't want the world's Jewish people to have a holy land. The Jewish people haven't done anything to hurt Palestine or the Arab world this week. In 2018 all the Jews did wrong was celebrate their nation's anniversary while their greatest allies, the United States of America, built a diplomatic office that's closer to Israel's capital. The audacity of trying to exist and live in peace. That's the mentality that we're dealing with here, folks.

While all this violence and ugliness is the focus of the world media, there is a silver lining. This tension in the Jewish-Arab part of the world is nothing new (it's been happening for centuries), but there is a sliver of good news to report amid all of this horrific behavior from the Arabs.

The words, “Thank You President Trump” were projected onto the ancient walls of Jerusalem last night, with the American and Israeli flags placed side by side.

Americans on the Left may call Trump "Hitler" and suggest his policies are anti-Semitic, but you know who's not repeating that sentiment? The people of our planet's only Jewish nation. Love him or hate him (and he's given us plenty to be critical of), but Trump has done more for Israel (and the Korean peninsula) in 2018 than any other President of our lifetime. Believe me, I'm aware of how shockingly baffling that statement might sound when repeated out loud. I have a hard time believing it myself. But it's true. And the truth is the only thing that matters today.

God bless Israel.

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Here's something you won't see on CNN: the people of Israel dancing in the street, celebrating Trump.

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