Spy Games!! (or should we be concerned?)

There was a “human resource” working for the FBI spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.  His name is Stefan Halper.  He’s been associated with the Reagan administration, and other GOP administrations.  He’s a professor at Cambridge.  He endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.  He doesn’t like Trump.  And it looks like he tried to “turn” campaign aides and fed info back to the FBI

Criminal prosecutors would call this person an "informant"; however counter-intelligence people could probably call this person a "spy".

Either way, did the FBI break its own rules in establishing a human intelligence resource within the Trump campaign?

In the FBI's 700-page Domestic Investigations and Operations Resource guide, there is a very striking regulation--don't use human beings to spy on Americans unless it is the last resort.

And you better get a boat-load of signatures to back up your claim.

Instead of using a human, the FBI should have focused on the actual known problems of hacking and propaganda spread on social media.

But, that would have required the cooperation of the DNC.  Which, you know, we still haven't had that email server looked at by law enforcement. Nope, it’s probably still in the basement of the DNC building in DC.

Instead, the bureau, during President Obama’s administration, took the momentous step of recruiting a national security academic, Stefan Halper, to spy on Trump associates by striking up what seemed to be innocent professional contacts.

Mr. Halper was a “confidential human source,” an official category of spy that is regulated by the FBI’s domestic investigations directive.

These human sources are placed under a program known as OIA, or Otherwise Illegal Activity.  Simply put, if there is a human being giving info back to the FBI while there is an investigation going on, there better be a solid paper trail.  You just can't pull one out of the air and say "Go spy on Trump."

What does this mean?

Well, it could mean that the leaders of the FBI, James Comey, et al, decided to ignore the rules and just toss Stefan Halper out there to go do his thing--recruit others, have conversations, plant ideas, and report back to his boss.

Or, it could mean that there is a paper trail where Stefan Halper was approved by the Justice Department, meaning an Obama political appointee might have given the go-ahead in summer 2016.

Let that sink in for a minute.

From The Washington Times:

A U.S. official told The Washington Times that the bureau should have targeted Russian intelligence officials first to determine whether there was evidence that they were contacting or colluding with Trump people before authorizing domestic spying by what the source called an “agent provocateur.”

John Dowd, President Trump’s former defense counsel, said the FBI had a duty to notify, not spy on, Trump people.

In fact, the DoJ was considering telling the Trump campaign that the Russians were targeting them, but opted not to.

J.D. Gordon, a former Pentagon spokesman and Trump campaign national security adviser, rejected Democrats’ arguments that the FBI informant was protecting the Republican candidate.

“Obama associates are misleading Americans about FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign,” he said. “If the FBI merely wanted to ‘protect’ the campaign and avoid tipping off the Russians, as we’re being told, they should have informed Mr. Trump of specific allegations about suspected individuals before the surveillance began. Failing that, it looks like one large sting-and-smear operation against the entire campaign, including Mr. Trump.”

James Comey, of course, is defending the use of Mr. Halper:

“Facts matter,” Mr. Comey tweeted. “The FBI’s use of Confidential Human Sources (the actual term) is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?”

So, let me get this straight.  It seems that James Comey is admitting there is a paper trail about who approved the use of the human source.

That sounds like spying to me.

And apparently Mr. Halper didn't do this out of the goodness of his heart.  Nope, he's been paid nearly $1 million over the last few years to do this kind of work for the FBI.  These payments were made out of Department of Defense funds.

In fact, the last payment he received was for $411,575 was made in two payments, and had a start date of September 26, 2016 - three days after a September 23 Yahoo! News article by Michael Isikoff about Trump aide Carter Page, which used information fed to Isikoff by the Golden Showers dossier creator Christopher Steele. The FBI would use the Yahoo! article along with the unverified dossier as supporting evidence in an FISA warrant application for Page. 

Halper approached Page during an election-themed conference at Cambridge on July 11, 2016, six weeks before the September 26 DoD award start date. The two would stay in contact for the next 14 months, frequently meeting and exchanging emails.

The second installment of Halper's 2016 DoD contract is dated July 26, 2017 in the amount of $129,280 - around three months before the FISA warrant on Carter Page was set to expire following repeated renewals signed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and a federal judge.

A few days after this payment, Halper emailed Page talking about the craziness surrounding Anthony Scaramucci.

Hmmm.  This suggests that the FBI was STILL investigating the Trump campaign six months into his administration.

This is really troubling.  We have an FBI, who should have been tracking down actual criminals, involved in trying to entrap Trump associates into getting in contact with, or admitting to, working with a foreign government to influence the election.

No, folks, the Russians didn’t try to steal the election.  It was the Obama Administration.

Now, look ahead to 2024.  What’s gonna happen when the Trump Administration tries to do this to the Democrats’ campaign?

Do you think this abuse will get any attention, then?

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