Unintended Consequences, Part 10,329,883

There's a convicted felon running for Congress in Virginia.  And he wasn't convicted of some financial or process crime, either.

Remember  back in 2016 when Virginia Governor Terry McAuliff restored the voting  rights of a bunch of felons.  He did it right before the election in an  effort to help Hillary win the state.  

McAuliff  is a loyal sort of flunky--he left his wife to give birth while he  stopped by a fundraiser to pick up a check for Bill Clinton.

The notion of his restoring the voting rights of felons really isn't so farfetched in the scheme of things.

Well,  for every "well-intentioned deed" comes a whole host of unintended  consequences.  And we find ourselves in a situation where a a man  convicted of threatening to assassinate the President is running as and  Independent for Congress in Virginia.

Nathan Larson, the candidate, was convicted in 2009 of threatening to assassinate President Bush 43 in 2008.  

“I  am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the  President of the United States of America,” Larson wrote in a Sept. 2008  email to the Secret Service. He then “laid out the reasons why he  intended to kill the president and how he intended to carry out the  assassination,” the Denver Post reported at the time of his conviction.

Larson was sentenced to 16 months for being polite enough to warn the Secret Service about his plans.

Normally,  convicted felons lose their rights to vote and hold elected office in  Virginia, so the story should end there.  We shouldn't have to talk  about Nathan Larson.

Well, things get weirder with this guy.

Around  the time of his conviction, Larson gave an interview to the Huffington  Post where he admitted to running a rape-obsessed pedophilia fantasy  website. Larson claimed online that he had raped his ex-wife and  “repeatedly expressed a desire to have sex with infants and children,  including his own daughter,” 

Umm.  That's not healthy.  AND it also sounds like he was dabbling in kiddie porn.

But, he wasn't convicted for that.  He was convicted for planning to assassinate the President.

And now, thanks to Terry McAuliff, he got his voting rights restored and is a candidate for Congress.

I hope everyone remembers this when McAuliff dusts off the old Clinton money machine to run for President in 2020.  

He helped a pedophile run for office.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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