Sheila Jackson Lee protest's Obama's immigration policy

On Friday Sheila Jackson Lee hit the streets with a megaphone in hand so she could virtue-signal on immigration.

This happened in response to a recently surfaced news story from 2014 that pertained to border-children.  The story mistakenly went viral after some leftist journalist thought it was about Trump and not Obama (I'm serious). 

Remember the border-baby controversy?  Undocumented children at the border were being separated from their parents and no one seemed to mind when Obama was in office, but now it's suddenly a new pressing concern.

This is a textbook example of short term revisionist history.  Leftists want people to think the crisis at the border is a new thing, as if Trump is responsible for it. The reality is just the opposite: Trump is President because the crisis at the border already existed.

Anyway, here's Sheila Jackson Lee squawking on the streets of Texas with a megaphone, telling the Federal government to stop doing things that Obama was doing just two years ago (which are polices that she previously approved).

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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