Louis Farrakhan: Jews Are Satanic & Disobey God

I want you to imagine you're a religious leader.  

"What religion", you ask?  

The Nation of Islam... I know, I know, but just imagine, okay?  I want you to imagine you're a black Muslim leader and you deliver a sermon about God for about an hour to your followers.

Then, when the speech is completed, you say, "That was pretty good - lets put that up on the Internet."

So one of your followers/understudies says, "Ok, boss, which part of your lecture should we upload to social media?"

And you say, "The part about how the Jews are Satanic." 

And then you actually do it.  That would be crazy, right?  But that's exactly what Louis Farrakhan just did.  He  said the Jews are Satanic - and he posted it on Twitter/YouTube and for  some reason Twitter/YouTube isn't removing the post even though it  clearly violates their terms of service.


Honestly, I'm speechless.   How is it possible Louis Farrakhan can get  away with this on social media but I get banned for three months for  posting memes?  Cold blooded. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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