All Pigs Are Equal, But California Democrats Are More Equal Than Others

Some Democrats in Rhode Island want to get rid of the Super-delegate  system in their party.  They're not alone.  This a very common opinion  right now among Democrat voters around the country.   

That  makes sense, right?  Super-delegates are elitists who get more votes at  the convention than regular delegates.  The whole idea of some people  getting more votes than others is extremely undemocratic (and,  ironically, they call themselves Democrats).  

Super delegates are just the Democrats' way of telling the grass  roots, "send money, vote for who we tell you to, and sit down and shut  up."

The Super-delegate system became extremely unpopular on the Left after Bernie lost to Hillary in the 2016 DNC primary.  Ironically, the super-delegate system was bemoaned in 2008 when the national party wouldn't let Hillary Clinton challenge the super-delegates who were pledging to Barack Obama.  So, in 2016, she worked very hard to lock them up so Bernie couldn't get them.  But that's a story for another time.

But, just as some Democrats are pushing to do away with the system,  other Democrat state party leaders are floating an extremely creative  idea to defend their super-delegate status.

Naturally,  not everyone is onboard with getting rid of the super-delegate system  and one of those people is west coast elitist Bob Mulholland.  

Mulholland is the California Democratic Party's senior advisor and long time chief spokesperson.In  the past he became well known for intercepting registration cards of  voters in the Green Party and sending them a letter (on state Democratic  Party letterhead) asking the voter to reconsider their change of  party.  

Mulholland thinks Russia, not grassroots Democrats, are behind the effort to do away with super-delegates in the DNC.

Right now you're probably thinking, "Russia?!  Seriously?!  Is there any proof to support that claim?"

No,  there is none.  Mulholland has exactly zero pieces of evidence to  support his theory, but who needs evidence when you have farfetched  claims and accusations?

Ok, so suggesting Russia is behind a  national effort to eliminate the DNC super-delegate system is just a  nutty thing to say, but is there at least some basis for his remark?

No,  not really, but he claims there's a low level Green Party activist in  West Virginia who is promoting the changes and Mulholland claims to have  seen this person at two national party gatherings in the past. 

“I  concluded someone is picking up her expenses but there she and others  are, demanding we change our Rules,” Mulholland said. “The Putin  operation is still active.” 

You  mean you saw someone somewhere and, since you don't know how they paid  for their airline ticket, you think it might have been Putin?! 

It's nuttier than a squirrel on his birthday, but that's what Mulholland is saying. 

He also doesn't seem to know what this person's name is (or, if he does, he won't say).

Then  he said, “I’m a big believer that Putin has not let off the gas. Anyone  who thinks Putin would not be interfering with future elections needs  to have their head examined.”

Well, there ya go, folks.   If you don't agree with the opinions of high-ranking Democrats and  you're a grassroots activist, you must be funded by Russia, according to Mulholland.  Of course. 

This news came to us courtesy of the Huffington post.  I had to check three times to make sure this wasn't The Onion.  It's not.

From the Huffington Post:

    Under  the party’s current system, superdelegates automatically get convention  seats and a vote, and they are not bound to support a candidate based  on their state’s primary or caucus results.     Superdelegates ― who include Democrats serving in Congress and other  key party officials ― comprised close to 15 percent of the overall  delegate number at the party’s 2016 convention, and most supported  Hillary Clinton. That was a bone of contention for supporters of the  insurgent nomination bid by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and the  continued existence of superdelegates remains a major sticking point for  many of these activists.

All pigs are equal, but Bob Mulholland is more equal than others. 


Ken Webster Jr is a news radio producer and personality from Houston, Tx.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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