Chicago Stripclub Feuds With Stormy Daniels

As a lot of my regular listeners already know, back before I hosted my own talk show here in Houston, I lived in Chicago where I worked on a popular morning radio show (Mancow's Morning Madhouse) and, when I wasn't doing that, I made extra money working part time as the DJ at a strip club.

I’m not bragging (and it wasn’t by any means the proudest era of my life) but I’ll never forget my years at the old Admiral Theatre. This was no ordinary strip club.  While I was there we made national news for organizing a Sarah Palin look-a-like contest with the "entertainers" (I dressed up as Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in a prison uniform so I could be one of the judges).  We also made national headlines when we hosted a Christmas-themed event called "Lap Dances for the Needy" and again the night I DJed at a “performance” featuring Amy Fisher (yes, *THAT* Amy Fisher).

Anyway, it turns out the Admiral Theatre, my old stomping grounds, is still making headlines!  

After butting heads with the club’s management, porn star Stormy Daniels created a little controversy over the weekend at the Chicago strip club the Admiral Theatre when her weekend performance was almost canceled.

This happened after the owner of the club implied t that her remaining shows would not take place.

Daniels made an abrupt exit Thursday night, allegedly because of something she said on stage during her first show, which supposedly angered the club's management.

However, Daniels agent and the club owner then said they "resolved their differences."

Daniels returned to the Admiral's stage four more times throughout the weekend.

Club owner Sam Cecola initially told the Tribune he "thought her show was nothing to write home about," and suggested the rest of her performances would not go on.

But then Cecola issued the following statement:   

    "The Admiral Theatre sincerely regrets any comments that have been made, either publicly or privately, that have been disparaging of Miss Daniels and her team," Cecola said in a news release sent late Friday afternoon. Cecola added that he "takes back what he said in anger."

Nick Cecola (a nice guy who is also the owner's son) insisted the dispute was "definitely not about money” and I think I believe him. The Admiral management has no known history of not paying feature performers.

However the Chicago Tribune reported Daniels' decision to storm offstage happened because the club was selling tickets for a meet-and-greet, which apparently violated Daniels' "security protocol."

    Daniels’ camp said a series of issues led to her exit. Her assistant Dwayne Crawford told the Tribune late Friday afternoon that the Admiral had a "little man" management wanted to pop out of an onstage cake as Trump.

    "And we weren’t having it," he said. "We avoid political situations with shows, because we’re in the middle of a lawsuit," he added. He also said that for security purposes, Daniels’ team has a very specific way of handling meet-and-greets and retains all merchandise profits — something stated in the contract, a copy of which he sent to the Tribune.

    The Admiral team had organized and sold tickets for a Thursday night meet-and-greet on their own. Crawford said the Admiral management was unprofessional but added: "They were extremely passionate about the show. I think they were a little overexcited."

Daniels' performance lasted about 15 minutes and started an hour late (which is pretty typical for a stripclub).

And in case you’re wondering, here’s the video of me judging a Sarah Palin look-a-like contest.


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