Police Face Off With Protesters At Portland ICE Facility

Eight days after protesters forced an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in Portland, Oregon to close, federal law enforcement authorities moved in and removed the protesters who were blocking the entrance and driveways to the facility. The protests are being organized by Occupy ICE PDX, an organization with the goal of abolishing ICE.

Homeland Security officers warned the protesters that if they did not vacate federal property they would be arrested. Many people followed their orders and moved to continue their protest on property belonging to the city. 

The federal officers started to dismantle any tents and structures that were on federal land while leaving those set up on city property alone. Video uploaded to YouTube shows officers removing large pieces of furniture, including a couch and plastic lawn chairs, and loading them onto a U-Haul truck. There was also a large pile of garbage on the curb and street. 

Over the course of the nearly two-week protest, hundreds of people showed up to demand an end to President Trump's now-rescinded policy that saw migrant children separated from their parents when they attempted to enter the United States illegally. Many of the protesters were also demanding that ICE be completely abolished. 

“This group here is ready to move forward and continue doing what we need to do to make sure we abolish ICE,” one of the protesters told KATU.  

Police said that several protesters were arrested for refusing to follow the orders from police officers.