Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: DNC's New Star Will Hurt Their Brand

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

That's the name of the new millennial aged superstar of the Democrat Party.

Earlier this week Alexandria made national headlines when she won the Democratic primary in New York's 14th congressional district, defeating 10-term Congressman and Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley.

Many are describing this as the biggest upset victory in the 2018 midterm election season. Alexandria was never supposed to win. Her opponent outspent her campaign 10 to 1.  He's a dinosaur of the DNC, she's a snot-nosed punk from Twitter.  

Now Alexandria has been skyrocketed to national political stardom. Her Bernie-Sanders-like socialist opinions are matched with millennial aged social justice warrior rhetoric (the kind of stuff people babble about on blog websites like Tumblr, but no reasonable person would ever openly support in front of other reasonable adults). She's new, fresh, charismatic and exciting. The candidate of the Resistance Movement, she's a political outsider being described as the "Donald Trump" of the Left. She's the future of the Democrat party - and she's gonna destroy their chances of succeeding in the next Presidential election, figuratively speaking.

I'm not playing politics when made that last statement - Alexandria will do more harm to the Democrats than help. Now that she's become an overnight sensation, the Democrats are going to be forced to embrace her policies, and these are not positions that middle-of-the-road moderates and centrists are going to embrace. Her ideology is not going to be palatable to the 33% of Americans who don't identify as Democrat or Republican.

Let's break down a few of her more extreme positions (the ones normal Americans will never be able to relate with).

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t call herself a "Latina", she's a "Latinx". - she prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “Latinx.” She's not alone in this opinion - a lot of far left leaning millennial aged social justice warriors are offended by the use of gendered vowels in the Spanish language. Ending a word with "o" for masculine words or "a" for feminine words implies there are only two genders, and as any woke activist will tell you, that way of thinking is hurtful to the other 63 genders. In case you aren't catching what I'm putting down here, one of Alexandria's positions is that the Spanish language to change. Does that sound like something moderates will be able to relate with when they walk into a voting booth?
  • Alexandria wants to do away with Immigration Customs Enforcement from our Federal government. She believes the only thing ICE does is break up families and deport hard working parents who's only crime is that they didn't fill out the proper paperwork when they came to America. A lot of MSNBC and CNN viewers share this opinion of ICE - after all, the only time they ever hear about the organization are on very rare occasions when ICE detains someone who wasn't a threat to society. In reality, the average day-to-day routine of your average ICE agent differs a bit from their perspective. ICE plays a pivotal role in stopping human trafficking, modern day slavery, cartels, kidnappings, pedophiles and people who exploit women and children. Getting rid of ICE might seem nice to people who don't know what they're talking about but, much like the police, these guys do a lot more good for society than harm.
  • Alexandria is socialist. If I was going to turn this into a diatribe about the problems with socialism, we'd be here all day. Socialism has never worked anywhere on earth at any point in history. Alexandria claims to be against authoritarianism, but socialism literally is authoritarianism. It's an ideology based on the idea that you need to share all of your property with society. The government knows what's best for you and your wealth, according to socialists. Higher taxes, more spending and less individual rights and freedoms - that's the mindset of a socialist. You don't get to keep what you've earned. Our forefathers threw tea in the Boston Harbor to protest that notion.
  • Alexandria wants free Medicaid for all - again, if you wanted me to explain why this is a dangerous and destructive policy position, we'd be here all day. People who advocate for public healthcare are actually advocating for forced labor.
  • Alexandria wants to impeach President Trump. Moderates will never get behind this position without a reasonable cause and, if we've learned anything from the Mueller investigation, Trump hasn't done anything to justify impeachment. The poll results are very clear: most Americans are bored with the Mueller investigation and the Democrats are all disappointed with the results. The loud outspoken minority of people on Twitter who are still screaming "Impeach 45!" don't really know what they're talking about (and some of them aren't even real people). Heck, Democrat party leadership has already admitted vocally that this is a stupid idea.

These are just a handful of Alexandria's wildest positions. These causes and opinions might seem like fun to the far left, but nothing that Alexandria is screaming about helps solve the problems of your average Middle American. 

To a man who owns a small business in Toledo or a woman who teaches piano lessons in Tallahassee, Alexandria's rhetoric about changing the Spanish language and eliminating capitalism isn't going to mesh well with their concerns about their 401k or high property taxes. Alexandria will be lots of fun for progressive extremists to praise on social media, but she won't get the same praise from moderates who want the crime cleaned up in their community.

Again, this is going to be the future of the Democrat party. Now that Alexandria is their new star, they're going to move farther to the Left of center, in the opposite direction of your average American.  Trump won by supporting populism, Alexandria won by supporting socialism.  Like a car driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street, Alexandria's policy positions will demolish the DNC's chances in 2020. 

Don't believe me? It's already happening.  Yesterday on CNN New York Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said, now that Joe Crowley has lost, she regrets not supporting Alexandria during the primaries. Heck, she's even ready to embrace Alexandria's calls to end ICE (which would almost instantly increase the number of underground forced labor and sex slavery around the country). Good job, Kristen! Way to prove us right.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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