Predictable Media Fearmongers on Trump's SCOTUS pick

The media is sooooo predictable.  Last night Trump announced his nomination to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, so when I walked into the radio station this morning, I thought to myself, "I bet someone wrote an article titled 'Brett Kavanaugh - 5 facts you need to know'".  

So I typed those words into a search engine, and not only was I right... I was right THREE TIMES.

Newsweek (way left), Chicago Tribune (sort of left) and the National Review (center-right) all wrote an article with the equivalent of that title.  Let's compare them!

Here are 5 facts about Kavanaugh according to conservative National Review:

  1. Kavanaugh served on the Court of Appeals in the DC circuit court since 2006
  2. Before he was a judge, he served as the White House staff secretary for George W
  3. Kavanaugh was part of Ken Starr's Clinton investigation and the investigation of Vince Foster's suicide.
  4. Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Kennedy
  5. He went to Yale Law School.

Now here's what left leaning Newsweek said about him:

  1. He was part of George W's administration and he investigated Clinton.
  2. Yale Law school, Kennedy's clerk.
  3. Apparently he wasn't Mitch McConnell's favorite choice for SCOTUS
  4. He's not as pro-life as some conservatives might prefer. Technically he's pro-life, but he ruled last October in a case to decide if an illegal immigrant girl should be able to have an abortion but didn't push back very hard.
  5. In 2011 he helped push Obamacare.

So there you go - conservative National Review did an article about  Kavanaugh's achievements, but left-leaning Newsweek wrote an article  that tried to make him look bad to Republicans.

But what about thought leaders on social media?  Surely they're being reasonable, right?




What does that even mean?  Nothing.


Overreact much?  


The reality: Kavanaugh is a lot like Justice Kennedy.   Technically he's on the right, but he'll play more of a 'swing vote'  role, much like his predecessor.  In other words, calm down everyone.  The Supreme Court isn't really changing that much. The ratio of  conservatives to liberals is basically remaining the same as it was  before Scalia and Kennedy left.

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