When women compete with transgenders

What happens when a movement built around who you think you are (or who others think you’re supposed to be) rather than principles that don’t change, realizes that some of those identity issues are fundamentally incompatible? Obviously, the factions begin to fight. We saw it with the Communist Party purges in the old Soviet Union (Stalin had a list…), and we saw it with the Cultural Revolution in China, and we’ve seen it even in ISIS (if you aren’t sufficiently orthodox, you might get stoned to death).

And now we might be seeing it with the LGBT movement.

June was Pride Month in most of the civilized world. If you’ve ever wondered why June was chosen as Pride Month, it’s not because of all the gays managing weddings and things like that; it was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which marked the beginning of the gay “revolution” in the US. 

On the night of June 28, 1969, the NY police department raided a notorious and famous gay bar in Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn, which was at the time, owned by the Mafia. While these types of raids were common in NYC, the situation at the Stonewall Inn quickly got out of hand. The gays weren’t going to take this kind of treatment anymore, so they rioted.

For several days.

And as we’ve seen, the gay rights movement has moved to include an entire alphabet soup of identity politics. A movement based on upon who people think they are, not what they stand for.

But now, it seems that some of these groups have realized that inclusion of everybody is leading to problems. Especially between the Lesbians and the Trans.

During London’s Pride Week parade, anti-trans activists disrupted the parade by lying down in front of the marchers. They carried banners that said “transactivism erases lesbians” and “Get the L out”. Yes, it was the lesbians who were disrupting the march, not some Bible-thumping, long skirt wearing, evangelical Christian from deepest Arkansas.

One of the protesters told LGBT outlet PinkNews: “We want to get the L out of Pride, a man cannot be a lesbian, a person with a penis cannot be a lesbian.”

Another accused trans people of “pressuring lesbians to have sex with them”, and stated she and other had been referred to as TERFs(trans-exclusionary radical feminists). I don’t think she should feel bad, men who become women have labeled hetero-men as transphobic for years.

But here it is—according to some radical lesbians, trans-women (male-to-female) are taking away the focus from the pure XX chromosomes of the lesbians.

We’ve seen it happening. A couple of trans-girls won the Connecticut high school track championships. And, according to a commentator in The Connecticut Post, there “are no easy answers”. 

Sure there are—create two separate classes for competition. One for trans-women and the other for trans-men. That way, like can compete against like.

But that won’t happen. The trans activists would then be forced to admit that just because they’ve surgically and chemically altered themselves into a simulacrum of one sex or the other, they really aren’t that sex. At all.

This trans competing with cis isn’t limited to athletic contests; it’s invaded the world of the beauty pageant. Miss Spain Universe is the first trans woman to represent a country in the Miss Universe pageant. In other words, a trans woman beat a bunch of cis women to earn the honor of representing her country and her type on a world stage.

Angela Ponce is now Miss Spain, and she has a surprising person to thank for her ability to compete.

Donald Trump.

Yep. Back in 2012, when Canadian trans woman Janna Talackova wanted to compete in Miss Canada, Trump, who still owned the Miss Universe pageant, said “why the hell not?”

I think the lesbians ought to start screaming about this—beauty pageants are the last bastions of feminine pulchritude (sex appeal) left, surely lesbian feminists should be concerned.

After all, the trans invasion is male privilege at its worst.

Stupid men. They take over EVERYTHING. Even if they look great in a dress.

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