California Mayor Wants To Ban Neckties

For years we've been telling you that California is the least free state in the Union (although they may be tied with New York depending on what's going on in the world on that particular day).

People often argue with me about this.

"But California has legal weed!" the Leftist proclaim. "And they like gay people."

Yeah, but gay marriage is legal everywhere in America and while California may yave legal weed,  everything else in their state is over-regulated and overtaxed (including the legal weed).

Not surprisingly, most California lawmakers are Leftists and Leftists, but definition, are Statists - they worship the government and actively seek to expand it as rapidly as possible.

Case in point: meet R. Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, a town in Southern California.

After reading a blog, he recently had the brilliant idea to make the claim that neckties (yes, neckties) are very bad for mankind.  After all, according to the blog, they restrict 7.5 percent of blood to the brain, and that's bad!  Therefore they must be banned. 

He told the LA Times, "I spend a lot of hours every week on an elliptical or a bike just to increase blood flow to my brain, and it turns out every morning when I put on a tie I’m diminishing it."

 Wow! Your necktie is hurting your bloodflow? That sounds horrible, but have you considered loosening your tie or getting a shirt with a wider neckline, oh wise & brilliant political leader? 

“I don’t think it’s appropriate in America today to make anyone do something that is now known to be detrimental to your health. Especially if it’s based on gender,” the mayor with blood flow problems said.

He's not alone in this way of thinking - lots of so-called gender activists have suggested requiring male employees to wear a tie (or female employees to wear dresses and skirts) is sexist. SEXIST!!!

Even still, it seems pretty unlikely that a town in California can legally ban neckties - the First Amendment of the Constitution is pretty clear about this sort of policy advocacy. Could you imagine the outrage if someone in Texas tried to ban burkas or hijabs?

California politicians love telling people they can improve your life by banning things, so Mayor P-Rex is just following the lead of his fellow Leftists (statists). This might sound like a great idea to people on the Left, but reasonable people (anyone who's not an extremist) will likely roll this eyes at this silly nonsense. 

But, hey, look on the plus side - Mayor Blood Flow made national headlines! He's practically a celebrity....

...What was his name again?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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