Illinois Politician Used Ex's Lewd Pics to Troll Men on Instagram (Report)

There's a rather outrageous political sex scandal brewing in Illinois right now.  This scandal has every salacious detail you’d expect from a politically charged news story: an angry ex, sexual photos and apparently a short list of very disappointed men who were “catfished” online (according to the reports). 

But the thing that makes this story extra nutty with a double dose of squirrel crap is the fact that I (Ken Webster Jr) actually know this guy!  I'm not making this up (because what would be the point): I (again, Kenny) went to high-school with Illinois politician Nick Sauer.  Not only did we go to school together, but we had classes together too!   I sat behind this guy in math class for about three years but haven’t spoken to him in years; which is part of the reason why I was shocked to learn about a recent report on Politico about Nick’s alleged sex life. 

A couple years ago Nick was elected to the Illinois state House of Representatives as a Republican (and when I first heard the news I thought, "Good for Nick - I'm glad he's not a democrat", but now I kinda wish he WAS a Democrat.)

Anyway, according to the reports, Nick had a girlfriend (or girlfriends) in Illinois who he was allegedly cheating with on a woman from California named Kate Kelly.  Nick met her on Tinder (this is 2018, after all).

The two of them exchanged photos of a sexual nature for quite some time until Kate Kelly finally moved to Illinois (Chicago) to be closer to Nick.

That's when she found out he was seeing other women, so she broke up with him (naturally).

But that's not where the story ends. Oh no, this gets much crazier.

According to his ex, he was using the lewd photos she was sending him to create a fake Instagram account.  Using that account, he pretended to be her so he could troll dudes and pursue graphic conversations with them under the guise that he’s a woman.

In case you don't catch what I'm throwing down here, she claims he used the photos to "lure" men into sexual conversations with himself.

He got caught because one of the guys he'd been talking to found her real profile and messaged her. The rest of that story kinda tells itself.

So yesterday Nick resigned from public life.  

In his resignation letter, Nick said he chose to step down, “as a result of the allegations” by “a former girlfriend” although he didn't go into details.

But the story doesn't end here. Oh no. There's more.  The matter has become something of a tipping point in Illinois politics for high ranking individuals to call each other out for alleged misconduct.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner said Nick’s resignation was “the right thing to do” but then he started going after his political archrival: Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan. He claimed Madigan has fostered a culture of abuse at the Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.

Nick has been accused of some pretty crazy stuff, but there has also been a string of recent incidents involving sexual harassment from Illinois Democrats (so Governor Rauner isn't wrong).

Anyway, Nick's got problems of his own to worry about. His ex-girlfriend has contacted the Chicago Police Department and the state legislative inspector general to file legal charges against him with both offices.  According to some legal experts, these charges are pretty serious.  He could do jail time if found guilty (although if the Illinois court system has taught us anything in recent years, he’ll probably get a plea deal).

This is a really strange case: it's an example of "catfishing" that sort of resembles revenge porn (without the revenge part).

I have no idea if Nick broke the law, but his career is toast.  Strange week, huh?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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