Chicago pastor: Trump should consider sending National Guard here

The  Rev. Gregory Livingston, of New Hope Baptist Church, said Chicago Mayor Rahm  Emanuel (D) has "blood on his hands." 

 He says Rahm “didn't start the  corruption in this regard, but should be doing more to end it.”  

Rev.  Livingston said that if someone throws him a life  preserver while he is drowning, he's not one to consider who tossed the  ring before grabbing onto it for dear life, “let's do like Eisenhower.  Get some federal troops in here and make [things] better for all  Chicagoans," Livingston said, referring to how President  Ike Eisenhower federalized the National Guard in 1954 to protect black  students in Little Rock, Ark.  

The governor at the time, Democrat Orval  Faubus, had called in his own National Guard to preserve the segregated  nature of Little Rock Central High School  by turning away black students, spurring Eisenhower to act.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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