CNN wants you to feel sorry for the NM Compound Inhabitants

Remember that news story about the compound in New Mexico?

Over  the weekend a report on Fox News detailed how the residents of the  compound were allegedly planning to attack a hospital in Georgia.

The title of the article is: "Two linked to 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound wanted to attack hospital, prosecutors say"

The article goes on to explain how details from the legal trial has pointed  to the possibility that the occupants of the compound had big plans to  hurt people.

    "A couple accused of training children to carry out mass shootings at an  "extremist Muslim" compound in the New Mexico desert singled out an  Atlanta hospital as one target before police arrested them, according to  court documents filed Friday."

It should be obvious that attacking hospitals and schools (or planning to do so) is nothing to empathize with (assuming you're a decent person).  But decent people don't work at CNN, a news outlet that ran a more  flattering and sympathetic article about the people in the New Mexico compound.

Here's an unusual headline for a story about a group of people accused of plotting to kill Americans: New Mexico compound family struggled with life off the grid.

CNN chose to report on a different angle of this story: they want you to feel sorry for the people in the compound.

After all, they're ethnic and religious minorities who came here in a refugee-like manner and suffered a hard life.  

Not  only did CNN make the life of the alleged extremists seem difficult,  they even tried to make them seem like good people, as you'll see in  this paragraph of the fluff piece: 

     "Otherwise, those who met them said they seemed friendly. A resident  recalled how one of the men tenderly wiped the nose of a crying child.  What little the residents knew about the compound didn't raise eyebrows  in an area where many people live "in unconventional ways," as the judge  in the case has said."

These are the same people who are being accused of killing children, remember?  The article continues:

"One  of the men from the compound, Lucas Morten, visited Rael's body shop in  early spring looking to buy a large quantity of tires. "He seemed real  personable, very mild-mannered," Rael recalled over a smothered burrito  lunch on a recent weekday in Questa."

Personable, eh?  Imagine that. 

And then there was this cute paragraph:

"Morten  said he planned to build an "earthship," a self-sustaining home made  from natural and upcycled materials, which uses tires packed with earth  as bricks. "I said, 'OK, good luck,' because it's real labor intensive,"  Rael said. Otherwise, nothing about the request raised any red flags,  he said. "

An  Earthship is a type of passive solar house.  So now only are the New  Mexico compound occupants nice, friendly refugees, they're also  Eco-friendly.  Neat!

CNN goes on to make the story of the New  Mexico compound seem like it was a story of American refugees being  welcomed by a border community.

"Individuals  from society's periphery have long sought refuge in this part of the  state, where cheap land far from the nearest power line or shopping  center is easy to find. The region's history of welcoming outsiders has  contributed to cross-cultural exchanges and a tolerant attitude that  locals consider points of pride." 

The article also  tries to make the lifestyle of the people on this compound seem normal,  as if there's nothing unusual about allegedly training children to be  school shooters while living off the grid.

"Living  off the grid is not for the faint of heart... It takes planning and  work, especially in the winter, when temperatures dip well below  freezing. But plenty of people -- white folks, especially -- do it..."

CNN goes on to talk about how people are only judging these suspects  because of their religion and skin color, pointing out how the defense  says their defendants are, "being judged based on their skin color  instead of their lifestyle, and that if were white Christians, more  people would be defending their First and Second Amendment rights."

No,  I'm pretty sure the presence of dead children (and a handful of living  children who happen to be starving) changes the entire public opinion of  these suspects regardless of their religion.  Catholic priests in  Ireland were recently accused of sexually assaulting children and nobody  is defending them for being white and Christian. 

Every week we think CNN can't go any farther to the Left and every week they prove us wrong.  

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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