Rand Paul's plan to help Trump rid the White House of swamp critters

A big shock to many in the world of statism has been  libertarian Senator Rand Paul's support of Donald Trump over the past  year and a half.

Don't be too shocked - Rand has been able to get Trump to advocate for a lot of liberty minded policies.  

Does  that mean Trump is an advocate for less government?  Not necessarily,  but he has been a huge proponent of deregulation, lower taxes and a less  convoluted healthcare system.

Anyway, Rand has an idea to help Trump out with outing the "anonymous" NYTimes op-ed source from the White House.  

On  Thursday afternoon Rand said  that he thinks Trump should consider  using a lie detector test to help determine which senior administrative  official wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed. 

As most  of you probably already know, on Wednesday the NYTimes posted an an  anonymous op-ed that claims someone in the White House is secretly a  member of the resistance movement.  This anonymous person has allegedly  been the source of a lot of leaked information from the halls of the  West Wing.

In March of 2017 Rand also said that the federal  government should use a lie detector test to determine who leaked the  transcripts of former national security adviser Michael Flynn's  conversation with the ambassador to Russia. 

It will be  interesting to see if Trump takes Rand Paul's advice.  While I'm  personally not an expert on polygraph tests (and, frankly, I'm pretty  skeptical of them) every time Trump takes Rand Paul's advice, it's  worked well for him.  

Let's see if history will repeat itself.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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