Today in 1813 - Uncle Sam was born

On this day in 1813, Uncle Sam was born.  Uncle Sam, a real person,  was a straight up mack daddy pimp squad deluxe master. Ok, that's a bit  of a stretch, but he was a real guy (YES, there was a real Uncle Sam).

 After the war of 1812 the U.S. became known as "Uncle Sam" thanks to  barrels of beef shipped to troops labeled "U.S." from Sam Wilson.   Troops called them "Uncle Sam's food".

  Samuel Wilson was a meatpacker from Troy, New York who supplied rations for American soldiers during the War of 1812.  There was a requirement at the time for  contractors to stamp their name and where the rations came from onto the  food they were sending.

 Wilson's packages were labeled "E.A – US."

 When someone asked what that stood for, a co-worker jokingly said,  "Elbert Anderson [the contractor] and Uncle Sam," referring to Wilson,  though the "US" actually stood for United States.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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