Houston Chronicle top political reporter resigns over fake news controversy

The Houston Chronicle's top political reporter has resigned after being accused of making up fake answers for "man on the street" style interviews.

Apparently Mike Ward, the (now former) Austin Bureau chief & politics reporter for the Houston Chronicle, is in a bit of hot water.

The Houston Chronicle's executive editor, Nancy Barnes, addressed the controversy on their website, starting with a paragraph that appears to take a shot at Trump (imagine that).

                In these challenging times for our country, with journalism and journalists often under attack, trust between a newspaper and its readers is absolutely essential.

Sure, Trump is critical of the media, but the fact that the Chronicle had to fire their chief political reporter for allegedly making things up is just one example of why Trump got elected in the first place.

The editors of The Chronicle said:

                Recently, another Houston Chronicle journalist flagged me with questions about the accuracy of a story written by veteran Austin reporter Mike Ward. Ward joined the Chronicle in 2014 after a long career with the Austin American-Statesman. Specifically, questions were raised about whether individuals quoted in one of his stories were real people.

                Our own researchers, after an initial review, had difficulty finding a number of sources cited in Ward's most recent reports.

According to the Chronicle, Mike conducted "Man on the street" style interviews (a reporting style where a journalist interviews people on the street to get their takes on popular news stories).

Mike Ward insists that his work is truthful, according to the editors of The Chronicle, but has no public statement posted on any of his social media accounts to address the controversy.

The Chronicle claims they have hired and independent "highly respected" journalist to review Mike Ward's work for authenticity.  They plan on publishing the report when it's completed.

In the mean time, Mike Ward is very likely looking for a new job.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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