Louisiana Police: Illegal Alien Raped & Trafficked Girl

An illegal alien in Louisiana has been accused of raping and trafficking a girl by local police.

A Guatemalan migrant, who smiled proudly in his mugshot photo, was arrested last week in Louisiana for allegedly raping and trafficking a  female minor.

Nicolas Asig is a 31 year old man who lives in Farmerville, Louisiana.  

He's  currently being accused of human trafficking, 2nd-degree rape,  molestation of a juvenile, and felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.  

He's being held in the Union Parish Detention Center on $1.2 million bond according to WVUE.

Detectives in Louisiana say they arrested the suspect after receiving an anonymous tip.

The victim has been safely rescued.

If  you have information about anyone who is involved in illegal human  trafficking, please contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at  888-373-7888.

If Democrats had it their way, we would have no immigration laws or border security.  

Mugshot provided by Louisiana State Police

Mugshot provided by Louisiana State Police

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