Louisiana Woman Bites Rapist's Genitals, According to Police

Be careful who you meet on a dating website.  

A  woman from Louisiana went out on a date with a man she met on a website  called "Plenty of Fish".

Her date, the suspect, was 55 year old John Patton.  After chatting online for about a week, they decided to meet at a daiquiri shop in Metairie.The meetup was going well, so, apparently in some bizarre attempt to charm her, he invited her back to his home in Westwego to meet his sister.  According to the report, when they arrived at his house he told her to walk down the hall where she was supposed to meet the member of his family.  As it turns out, his sister wasn't home.   

According to the report, when she got to the end of the hall he put a hand over her mouth and pulled her into the bedroom.  He told her he wanted sex.  Out of fear for her life, she agreed as long  as he wouldn't harm her.  She got undressed and proceeded to follow his  instructions.

The victim said the suspect was "unable to perform", so he asked her for oral relations.  That's when she bit onto his genitals as hard as she could and ran, still naked, from the room, leaving behind her clothing and property.

The report alleged that woman realized she couldn't exit the house because the doors were locked from the inside and required a key. 

According  to the report, the suspect followed the victim and grabbed a knife.  He tried to stab her, but she used a table to defend herself.

This violent confrontation continued for several hours.   She stood, naked, and fought for her life.

As  the events unfolded, the suspect kept telling the victim she should get  her things and leave, but she was afraid he'd stab her if she returned  to the bedroom to retrieve her possessions.

Finally, he gave in and handed her back the clothing and other items so she could leave.  She  immedietly went to the police and filed a report.

The police returned to the suspect's house where they found the suspect quietly hiding inside. He refused to come out, so they finally used a canister of tear gas to end the confrontation.

The suspect has since been arrested and charged with  second-degree rape, aggravated sexual battery and false imprisonment  while armed with a dangerous weapon. He's currently being held without  bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.  

Photo by Westwego Police Department

Photo by Westwego Police Department

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