WEIRD! Sabotage aboard International Space Station?

For the past few years I've often made the remark that I wish our nation's leaders could get along as well as the astronauts do.

Putin,  Trudeau, Obama, Merkel, Trump, Abe and May don't always behave like the  mature, sophisticated adults they're supposed to, but the people  onboard the International Space Station do... Or do they?

According to Russian sources, there may or may not be a saboteur onboard the ISS!

In the past Moscow suggested possible sabotage over damage found on the Soyuz MS-09, a space craft docked at the ISS.

Officials claim someone has drilled holes into the space craft.  They claim the  holes could have been drilled before launch or while orbiting in space.

The discovery was first made last month when a drop in pressure from an air leak was detected.

This  news comes to us from Russia, a country with a history of spreading  misleading propaganda, so take it with a grain of salt.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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