Sex Robot Brothel Heading to Houston


The economy is doing so well that all sorts of new businesses are  opening up.  I'm not talking about cupcake shops or tattoo parlors. No,  I'm talking about something a little more personal--a Sex-bot Brothel.

The owner of KinkySdollS, a business in Toronto where you can rent a sex robot by the hour, has announced he's opening a Sex Robot showroom in Houston.

"The States is a bigger market, and a healthier market, and God bless Trump," said owner Yuval Gavriel.

Hmmm.  That sounds like the Canadian market just doesn't offer the growth opportunities that the US does.

Gavriel  rejects the label of sex robot brothel, saying he runs a "showroom"  that allows people to rent dolls, test them on the premises, and decide  whether to buy one.  Kind of like a car dealership where you drive a  demo around for awhile.  Instead of driving you...well, you get the  idea.

For the Houston location, which also  will feature on-site, short-term private rentals, there's a coalition of  four investors, including an attorney, who said there are no  regulations on this type of business, just like Canada. "He went through  all the laws and all of the regulations and currently there are no  regulations for this kind of service," Gavriel said.

Some people are pushing for regulations on the sex-bot rental business, saying we need to be concerned about public health.

What do you need to worry about catching from a sex-bot?

Well, if they are cleaned properly between uses, then STDs aren't a concern.

Perhaps some irritation from the silicone, but probably not.

There  is a possibility about the sex bot overheating, or the control  mechanism going crazy and causing the sex bot to vibrate and pulsate  more than the user wants.

There has been some effort to ban sex bots that resemble children.  

With  little discussion, House lawmakers unanimously passed the CREEPER Act  by Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y., in June to ban importation and interstate  commerce involving “any child sex doll," though the Senate has not  acted.

Donovan said in a statement that his  bill would "help better protect innocent children from predators" and  urged the Senate "to follow the House’s lead and swiftly pass this  legislation that would benefit our communities."

Sex-bots--a new frontier for regulation!

The  Consumer Product Safety Council probably wants in--they have oversight  over the sex bot components, but not the sex bot as a whole right now.

The  FDA probably wants a say-- maybe the FDC could regulate sexbots as  medical devices if sellers claimed the bots “treat, prevent, cure,  mitigate or diagnose a disease or condition,” such as sexual  dysfunction.

Then there's the whole issue of  state level bans on brothels (except for Nevada).  But since there is  not prostitution--the sex bot is not the one doing the solicitation,  then these showrooms and try-out areas are not technically brothels.   Many cities allow bathhouses where sex partners aren’t paid, and so  robot brothels might be legal in 49 states. Only Alabama has a sex toy  ban.

Right now, the owner of KinkySdollS is  talking to investors in LA an Las Vegas, with potential partners lining  up in Atlanta and Arizona.

What happens when somebody wants to marry their sex-bot?

TOPSHOT - This photo taken on February 1, 2018 shows an engineer holding a silicon face against the head of a robot at a lab of a doll factory of EXDOLL, a firm based in the northeastern Chinese port city of Dalian. With China facing a massive gender gap and a greying population, a company wants to hook up lonely men and retirees with a new kind of companion: 'Smart' sex dolls that can talk, play music and turn on dishwashers. / AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR / TO GO WITH China-sex-lifestyle, FOCUS by Joanna CHIU (Photo credit should read FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

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