The Houston Piss Drive: Yes, This is Real.

Before I tell you about this next  news story, I have a confession: I didn't think any of this was real.  When one of our listeners sent me a link to a press release about this  public art project, I thought I was being punked. 

It turns out, I was wrong.   The Houston Piss Drive is a very real thing.  

A local art gallery, State Museum of Contemporary Art, is asking art  enthusiasts and Left leaning political activists to fill a "capture  container" with your urine.  Why?  To help pass a drug test?  Nope.  So they can use your piddle for a  public art display.

I know, this is highly unusual.  Again, I thought this was a joke when I first heard the news.

As strange as it may seem, an NYC based artist named Cassils is trying to  make a statement about transsexual bathroom rights by putting on this  circus sideshow. Apparently transsexual people are very upset about the  bathrooms laws in this country so Cassils is going to fight back against  the potty police by playing with human waste.  How reasonable and  mature!  Cassils dislikes the laws regarding transsexual people and  bathrooms, so the artist wants to make artwork using the urine of you  and your friends as an alternative to normal store-bought paint in order  to make a statement.

As her (or his?) website says, "Cassils  is a Queer Artist Who Collected 200 Gallons of Urine to Protest Federal  Trans Bathroom Guidelines."

Oh, okay. 

From what I  can tell, Cassils uses the transsexual lifestyle as a staple for  marketing the artist's work.  But transsexual themed art is more than  just a marketing ploy, it appears to be an entire genre.  

The Huffington Post said Cassils is, "one of ten transgender artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary art."  Who are the other nine?  Who knows.You  might be wondering why the artist chose Houston for this art project (a  similar operation took place in NYC last year).  While it's not  completely clear what motivated the decision, Houston is home to the  infamously rejected HERO Ordinance.  The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance  (“HERO”) was a 2015 public referendum that asked the community to decide  if we want fully grown men to have a legal right to use the same public  bathroom as little girls.   

Of  course, the HERO Ordinance was an absolute failure.  Houston voters did  not like the idea and these are the same Houston voters who chose Annise  Parker, an outspoken lesbian activist, to be their mayor on more than  one occasion.   It's not that Houston has a problem with transsexual  people, but this law were just a bit too much for Houston's black  Christian moderate Democrat voter base (not to mention the Republicans).

In case you're confused about what gender pronoun to use for Cassils (I was) shim's website breaks it down for you:

     "Cassils is a gender non-conforming trans masculine visual artist.  Cassils uses plural gender-neutral pronouns (they, them, their) and a  single name (as opposed to first and surname) and asks that journalists  do likewise when referring to them. This singularity of name and  plurality of gender reflects through language the position Cassils  occupies as an artist. For guidelines on writing about gender  non-conforming people, please reference the GLAAD Media Reference Guide  on Transgender Issues"

Has anyone ever consulted a  non-profit group for help with pronoun usage?  That seems like the sort  of thing we learned about in elementary school, but I digress, that's a  topic for another time.  Today we're here to talk about transsexual  themed urine art.  

If you've been following along  thus far through this story, you've probably noticed by now that my  tone on the topic is not exactly fervent. Look, I don't have a problem  with transsexual people.  I also don't have a problem taboo art.  If you  want to change your gender (or place with your feces) and you don't  expect me to pay for it (or look at it), fine.  Go for it!  Snip snip  (or flush-flush).  

But if people like  Cassils (by which I mean, transsexual activists masquerading as artists)  want us to be sympathetic to their cause, this technique isn't  working.  It's hard for me to take you or your politics seriously when  you literally make a living by playing with other people's waste.  If  transsexual bathroom rights are, in fact, a pressing issue, your  shock-jock attempt at capturing my attention reminds me more of Howard  Stern and the cast of Jackass than Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman.

Of  course, they have a right to do this and I support them (from a legal  stand point).  The First Amendment is very clear.  While I'm a bit  nauseated at the thought of what these people are doing, I'll defend  their right to do it until the day I die. 

In the  mean time, if you want Cassils to play with your tinkle, just head on  over to Station Museum in Houston and tell someone you want to give them  a container of your urine.  Believe it or not, it's someone's job to  accept your donation.  That's how these people get a paycheck.  

Wow!  Trump's economy is kicking so much ass that you can even make a living collecting urine and turning it into artwork.  

So  have at it, Houston!   Fill up four containers if you want.  These  people are very enthusiastic about getting their hands on your piddle. 

What a country.  

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