Faith: Tales of a Single Father

Joseph Scialabba is a single father from the Chicago area who  unexpectedly lost the mother of his child to drug addiction. This blog   post chronicles his experience with raising a female child alone in the  21st century.


Faith: a simple enough idea in its normal form, a complete trust in someone or something. That concept is a lot easier to write then it is to follow sometimes.

Faith is easy to speak of, but not always easy to act on though when it is tested. For the last 5 years the tests of my faith have been endless and many. It is in those moments, the tests of your faith, while I sat in jail for a crime I didn't commit, while I languished and wondered what would become of my little family, struggling to pay bills and stay afloat, the eventuality of become a single parent, and watching it all burn again to now being reborn. It is in those moments, you learn what faith truly is, your last remaining light in the darkness. It is when you are down to nothing, that faith is most important, whether it’s in yourself, your people, or your god, sometimes it is the battery that keeps us going when we are far past due for a recharge.

For many, it doesn't take much to rattle their faith, send them off into a downward spiral into the dark abyss from where some will never escape. Belief in yourself is probably the hardest, when your mind moves as far afield and fast as mine, it’s not untypical to fill yourself with doubt with each decision and broken moment you encounter, alas though, faith in yourself should never waver, you are the captain of your ship, the quarterback of your own game. There are no rules saying that you can't circle back around to fix what’s broken, or if needed, burn it all down and start over, sometimes being the phoenix rising from the ashes is the most liberating thing there is, it was for me.

I say belief in yourself is the hardest, because when it crashes to the ground, it’s your fault. Accepting your own faults and character flaws, of which I have numerous, is the hardest thing for most normal folks. It takes a hardened soul to look within for change instead of casting your aspersions towards those that encircle your daily life. It takes an even hardier soul to stand in the fire and be reformed.

Faith in your people is contentious, because it’s few and far between the people you encounter you can trust with your life and well being. Many stated good intentions fall to the wayside when their own survival is also at stake, or as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We all want to believe that everyone will be there for us when things get hectic but the truth of it is, that when your hemmed up and struggling, when the world is pushing you back, often you have yourself to rely on. Family in some cases can cause even the worst of situations to become worse. Not in my case, but in many I have seen where destruction comes from within the family circle.

For those that believe in a higher power, it’s the ultimate leap of faith, whether indoctrinated or self taught, the belief that we are pieces in a spiritual chess match between good and evil lends some escape from what can be crushing realities. It for many is the true refuge as many turn to it for times of crises, when all hope is lost; we turn to the higher powers that we believe in to make sense of a world that often times can't be made sense of through normal logic.

Faith in all its forms is important; it is the glue that holds the fabric of our spirit together. When you see those that have lost all faith, is when the true darkness of man rears its head. Have faith, in yourself, in your people and in your beliefs, it’s going to be alright. The current storms that may be overhead will pass, the darkness will be broken by light, and those broken can rise again.

So whether you’re stressed out about your job, your bills, your relationship (or lack of), take a deep breath, and have some faith.

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