ReBuild Houston is a Scam

Remember "ReBuild Houston"?  It's a tax payer funded program designed  to fix up the city that first launched about 8 years ago.  So far the  costs are well over $775 million.   Yowsers!  That's a lotta cheddar. 

The  city of Houston describes the program as an, "initiative to improve the  quality of life and mobility for residents of the city by rebuilding  our drainage and street infrastructure. To support the initiative, the  city has established a dedicated, pay-as-you-go fund to maintain the  infrastructure, and to plan upgrades to meet future needs as the city  grows."

However, a recent report by KTRK reveals that's not exactly what's taking place. 

The  city's goal for the $41 million drainage project was supposed to be  finished in 2017.  Spoiler alert: not only is it not completed, it's  been delayed. They claim they won't finish until sometime next year,  which is two years later than what they promised.

Meanwhile a  similar $23 million drainage project in the Magnolia Park neighborhood  hasn't even started construction yet.   City documents show that project  has been delayed.

All over these examples of reckless and  incompetent government spending are part of projects supposedly funded,  at least in part, by the City of Houston's drainage fee. You've been  paying for this Titanic sized crony operation via your water bills since  2010. 

The project is up for re-approval on this year's  ballot.  Despite the millions of dollars being collected, improvements  just aren't happening.

So who do we blame?  So far former  Mayors Bill White and Annise Parker, along with current Mayor Sylvester  "Boat Insurance" Turner, have all promised to fix the system.  But none  of them have (or did).

This will be part of "Prop One" on your ballot this November.  Watch out for it - it's a doozy!

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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