Translating Liberal Speak: a Handy Guide for Reasonable People

We’ve had a lot of screeching from the Left lately, but what do they really mean when they talk about “mobs” and “civility”?   We wanted to know, so I’ve put together this handy guide to understanding what these people are really trying to say.

What They Say VS What They Really Mean:

  • The Right is violent!  - (When we are not pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court, we are completely OK with a man delivering a round-house kick to a woman who is pro-choice.)

  • The Right is not civil - (We have zero problem with calling the political opposition names like “racist”, “sexist”, “xenophobic”, or “homophobic”.)
  • Kanye is crazy! - (Kanye has a different opinion than the one we want him to have, ergo, he must be insane.)

  • Believe the Survivors! - (We must believe all women, as long as they are the right kind of women.  If you don’t share our political beliefs, then you are not credible.)

  • It’s A Woman’s Body - (We want government-funded abortion clinics to be as wide-spread as McDonalds.  The new Happy Meal is a Big Mac and a D&C)

  • We Want Democracy to protect Minorities - (We really want to disenfranchise anyone who doesn’t agree with us.  Because we do understand that Democracy is merely two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.)

  • The Right is anti-immigrant! - (We are actually anti-legal immigrant.  We need to have an unlimited supply of people to clean our houses and sling our code.)

  • The Russians helped Trump! - (Well, we paid the Russians to create a fictional dossier in order to undo the election.)

  • The Right is nothing more than a mob - (Please ignore the Antifa people throwing Molotov cocktails at stores and people as we protest Republicans.)

  • Republicans want you to die—Part 1 - (We want to remove your ability to protect yourself. Your gun will turn on you, and we are all going to die.)

  • Republicans want you to die—Part 2 - (Everyone MUST have health insurance, or we will all die.)

  • Republicans want you to die—Part 3 - (If we don’t have Net Neutrality, we will all die.)

  • The Republicans are anti-Science - (We believe in the fairytale of Climate Change so we can take away your ability to live your life, and we can control all the levers of the economy.)

  • Capitalism kills people - (Actually, socialism and communism have killed nearly 150 million people over the last 100 years, but please don’t notice that.)

  • Republicans are the party of the rich! - (Please ignore the fact that net worth of Democrat Senators is about twice the net worth of Republican Senators.  Or please ignore the fact that of the 10 richest House districts 7 represented by Democrats.)

  • We should “invest” in the future - (We want to raise your taxes and spend more money.)

I will probably add to this list as we draw closer to the mid-terms.  But, this should help when you have to listen to your liberal co-worker explain why they aren’t the crazy one.

Sandra Peterson
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