Harris County Deputy Indicted For Shooting Dangerous Half-Naked Man

If you're from the Houston area, you may recall hearing a news story about a man named Danny Thomas.

Back in late March 2018 a man named Danny Thomas was spotted in Harris county walking around with his pants around his ankles, mumbling incoherent nonsense and striking vehicles as they passed by him on the road.

It was an alarming moment for Harris County Deputy Cameron Brewer, a public servant who takes safety rather seriously.

Deputy Brewer stopped his vehicle when he saw Thomas in his chaotic state and advised the man to stop.  Unfortunately, Thomas wasn't interested in listening to the officer.  

After asking Thomas multiple times to stop, Thomas came at Deputy Brewer in an aggressive manner, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.  

The officer felt his safety was in jeopardy, so he shot once at Thomas as he came towards Deputy Brewer.   Thomas was pronounced dead a short time later at Houston Northwestern Medical Center.

In the aftermath of this event, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, whose 2016 political campaign was funded by billionaire George Soros, has decided to charge Brewer with aggravated assault by a public servant.

Ogg says, "Our democracy depends on the public's trusting that police are here to protect us. When they exceed their lawful authority, our community holds them accountable, and that's exactly what this grand jury of ordinary citizens did."

Frankly, I'm rather disappointed with Ogg's decision to press charges.  Brewer was just doing his job (a job he's already lost because of this incident).  He didn't exceed his authority; he was trying to make sure he and others around him were safe.  The video speaks for itself: Thomas was coming towards Brewer while in a dangerous and possibly inebriated state. 

Critics of Brewer have suggested he should have used a taser. Unfortunately, he didn't, but in the fast paced video it's pretty obvious Brewer very likely didn't have time to reach for his taser when he already had his hand on his firearm.  It's easy to criticize Brewer, but what about doing the same for the half-naked man who was hitting moving vehicles before he came charging at a police officer?  

Hopefully our State's legal system sees this for what is is: a good public servant was forced to make a quick decision while dealing with a dangerous and bizarre individual.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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