Gun Law In Louisiana May Affect Some Innocent Gun Owners

For those of our listeners who live in Louisiana, there's a new gun law you should give some attention.

The  state of Louisiana has banned "abusers" from possessing firearms for  four years but there was previously no process in affect to ban guns.   Now that has changed.  This law specifically involves people connected  to domestic violence cases.

If you've been convicted in a domestic  violence case, the state requires you to hand over your guns to the  government.  That makes sense, but here's where it gets tricky: the law  also affects  those with an "Active protective order" against them (a  restraining  order).  That means you may be required top hand over your  guns even if  you haven't yet been found guilty of a crime. 

 The  law also  says a person cannot purchase a firearm if they are guilty of  domestic  violence charges of have an active protective order. 

According   to Louisiana , you have 48 hours to transfer your weapons to a   sheriff's office or third party after a protective order is filed or   you're found guilty of a crime.

What do you think, folks?  Is the "Active protective order" part of this law a violation of your Second Amendment rights?

NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 30: A looter caries a rifle while riding a  bike in a K-Mart in the Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana on  August 30, 2005 after Hurricane Katrina slammed Louisiana. Much of New  Orleans was flooded after levies broke and water rushed into the city.  (Photo by Marko Georgiev/Getty Images)

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