Tonight is "Devils Night" in Detroit

Remember Devils Night?  It's an annual tradition in Detroit - the night before Halloween thugs run around the city creating chaos.  They talked about it in the movie The Crow.

Devil's  Night has been taking place in Detroit for years.  It was huge between  the 1970s and the 90s but its origin actually dates all the way back to  the 1940s.  It started out as innocent pranks but, as the years  progressed, it evolved into full on arson.

Devils Night was so  bad for the city of Detroit that local city officials had to come up  with "Angels Night" - an anti-arson volunteer based program that  encouraged citizens to put out fires started by vandals and thugs.

Funny  thing about that - Detroit area firefighters have reportedly been  "bracing" for tonight's Devil's Night because this will be the first  year in the past two decades when the anti-arson initiative won't be  taking place.

The city canceled Angels Night and replaced it  with a "celebratory community event" called ‘Halloween in the D,’ which  is supposed to be a family friendly event but it kind of sounds dirty to  me.

Even still, reported incidents of arson on Devil's Night  have severely decreased in recent years, which is why the city claims  they no longer need Angels Night.   

We imagine the decrease  in arson incidents happened for two reasons: more and more people are  moving out of Detroit and you can't burn down a building that's already  been lit on fire.

Hopefully Detroit will be okay without Angels Night.  

Now  Detroit can focus more on dealing with their high crime and  unemployment rates, both of which was well above the national average.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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