Sketchy Voter Shenanigans at Houston UPS Stores

Houston, Texas is home to a lot of interesting things: a funeral  museum, we're the home of NASA, we have a giant church that use to be a  basketball stadium and we have a UPS store with over 84 registered  voters - AND 22 OF THEM HAVE VOTED!

In case you're not  catching what I'm putting down here - that means 84 people are  registered to vote at a place where they don't live and many believe  this makes Harris County susceptible to voter fraud.  

The UPS  Store is located at 1302 Waugh Drive.  The UPS Store at 11152  Westheimer also has registered local voters and 11 of them have already  cast a ballot in the current November General Election.

There  are also around 100 additional sites throughout Harris County that have  10 or more people registered to vote at commercial addresses.

"Having  people registered in bulk where they do not live opens up the  opportunity for a candidate or party to pack a targeted district," said  Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart.  "The voter roll should represent  where people actually live.

This makes a lot of sense.  After all, Texas law requires you to vote where you actually live.

The  Harris County Jury Wheel is also negatively impacted by the dishonest  tactic of registering to vote somewhere that isn't your actual  home.   Harris County's Jury Wheel, like all Texas counties, is made up of DPS  data and voter registration information. 

If someone who  lives outside the county is registered at a Harris County mailbox store  and they wind up on a jury, the entire case can be thrown out because  they are ineligible to serve on that jury. That's a pretty horrible  reason for a criminal to walk free.  

Harris County District  Clerk Chris Daniel said, "Out of county residents registering to vote in  Harris County with a PO Box can jeopardize our entire judicial system,  and here is an example."

So what conservatives do about this  news?  Well, considering the UPS's attempts to distance themselves from  the NRA over the past year, maybe it's time for patriotic Americans to  stop using the company's services?   

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