Howard Dean: Speech is only free if you agree with me!

Howard Dean is apparently still around.  I had forgotten the former Vermont governor, former head of the Democrat National Committee, former physician, and one of the current heirs to the Dean-Witter Investment fortune.  But he crawled out from whatever comfortable cave he’s gotten into, and decided to weigh in on the periphery of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

He decided to call out the social medial platform, Gab.  Because the shooter (evil, disgusting Nazi), had a profile on Gab.  And Gab didn’t ban him.

Gab has made a name for itself, because it has cast itself as the “anti-Twitter”.  You don’t get banned from Gab. 

Lots of alt-right and neo-Nazis have been using Gab to share their twisted philosophies.  But Gab is adamant that it is a platform, not a publisher.

Now Gab is being punished by payment processors, PayPal and Stripe because of the people who play there.  As a result, Gab is down until it can find another company to host the payment system.

Howard Dean, who somehow always wanted us to think he was down with technology, has waded in.  In a Tweet on Sunday, Dean wrote: “You are a facilitator of neo nazis and other haters. You should be tried for being an accomplice to murder. You’re lucky shutting you down is all you get. A lot luckier than the 11 Jews in Pittsburgh were or the two African Americans murdered in Kentucky were.”

Dean was responding to Gab’s statement asking President Trump for help with its deplatforming woes and condemnation of the synagogue massacre.  Dean wants Gab prosecuted as an accomplice to murder because it’s a social medial platform.

Does Dean want Twitter and Facebook prosecuted as well for hosting people like the Pittsburgh shooter, the San Bernardino terrorists, the Pulse nightclub shooter, etc, etc?

Nope.  Just Gab, because Gab is trying hard to be a platform, not a publisher.

Gab responded to the criticism by saying:

"Gab unequivocally disavows and condemns all acts of terrorism and violence. This has always been our policy. We are saddened and disgusted by the news of violence in Pittsburgh and are keeping the families and friends of all victims in our thoughts and prayers,"

Gab also said that it has a “zero tolerance” towards terrorism and violence, and that it is being “smeared by the mainstream media”.

But, Gab is still being punished for providing a forum that people from across the internet cesspool have chosen to express their views.

Why is Gab being punished when Twitter is not?

Twitter didn’t ban the shooter, despite the fact that he posted some pretty terrible things there.

Twitter has banned GayPatriot, a conservative gay man from North Carolina, because he’s not the right kind of gay.

Twitter banned Alex Jones because Alex Jones is a whack noodle.  I guess governmental conspiracies to put fluoride in the water are more damaging to discourse than calling for the extermination of a religious group.

But Twitter hasn’t banned Louis Farrakhan, who less than 10 days ago called Jews “termites”.

Twitter hasn’t banned a bunch of ISIS and Taliban related accounts, despite the fact that they often call for the destruction of Israel.

And certainly, Twitter has not banned the former leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinajad, despite the fact that he actually IS a terrorist (he participated in the taking of US hostages in 1979).

So, why hasn’t Twitter been punished by payment processors like Gab?  Is Twitter trying to take out a rival before it has the financial strength to challenge Twitter’s dominance?  Maybe that’s part of it.

However, I think there might be two reasons for the punishment.  First, there is an inherent, learned self-loathing for all things American.  Even if you have achieved the pinnacle of success, being an American is bad.  It’s evil.  Americans are the successors to the Nazis. 

At least, that’s what the Left will have you believe.  Of course, such nonsense is merely the Left engaging in its favorite mental disease process—projection.  They’re the ones who are philosophically closer to the National Socialists than the average American business.

And the second reason is abortion.  You can have all the card-carrying paraphernalia of the Left, but if you don’t believe in celebrating and facilitating the murder of children in the womb, you are a right-wing extremist who fantasizes about life in “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

And this is what we are seeing with Gab.  Now, I don’t know if the founders of Gab are on the right, middle, left or libertarian.  And I don’t care.  What they are trying to do is be a platform, simply a platform where all the crazy on all sides can come out.  You know, the way Twitter used to be.


Sandra Peterson
Ken Webster, Jr.

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