Environmentalists in Louisiana Pollute Bee Bayou (photo gallery)

Don't ever let so-called environmentalists trick you into thinking  they care about cleaning up the environment.  Their only agenda is  fundraising and political gain.

A group of environmentalist  wackos recently decided to setup camp and "protest" near the Bee Bayou  in Louisiana.  The result?  Mountains of garbage and trash consisting of  the group’s banner; dangerous chemicals, plastic wrappers, tarps,  buckets, human waste and personal belongings were left behind.

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office posted the following message on social media: 

Since July, several out of state protestors with the L'eau Est La Vie  Camp - No Bayou Bridge have been residing in the Atchafalaya Basin area  of St. Martin Parish in connection with the Bayou Bridge Pipeline  project. More recently, they took up encampment in an area known as Bee  Bayou. The alleged mantra of this group of protestors is that they are  “water protectors” and are trying to preserve the waterways, terrain,  and wildlife.    

However, as seen in these pictures, trash,  including the group’s banner; chemicals, personal belongings, plastic  wrappers, tarps, buckets and human waste was left in their wake. St.  Martin Parish residents have always prided themselves with the beauty of  the Basin. Many have earned their living hunting and fishing in the  Basin, and even more have enjoyed the recreational benefits that the  Atchafalaya Basin provides. Unfortunately, the trash this group left  behind and being washed into the water; posed a real threat to wildlife,  fish, and boaters. 

Deputies with the St. Martin Parish  Sheriff’s Office reached out to the group and told them to please return  to the area and pick up all of the trash they left behind or they would  face criminal charges. Upon return to the area on Tuesday, October 30,  2018, by Deputies with the St. Martin Parish Office, it was noted that  the trash has now been removed.    

Please help us keep St. Martin Parish Beautiful!

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